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  1. Suppose Carroll passes his medical....how many players have pulled out of a big money deal at that stage because he doesnt want to let the fans of the selling club down? If this falls through its for a medical reason...hes at the Liverpool training ground having the fuckin thing as we speak ffs...
  2. Sturridge of Chelsea to Bolton? Elmander plays out of his skin for 3 months with his contract running out at the end of the season?....that spells disaster. He's a fuckin fraud.
  3. It might have been, or it might have been to beat the shit out of the those assembled there? (not condoning that myself).... Crack, banter and passionate local feelings are one thing, unbridled hysteria as if you'd acheived something for yourselves is quite another. Again...what are you doing on here?
  4. Spot on, apart from Murray being born in Glasgow, which is and has been since March 1603 part of Great Britain, whether you or some of its inhabitiants like it or not. Good job not everyone is judged for the rest of their lives by comments made when they were teenagers....have you got a link for him complaining about "fans" in this country? He is a bit of a misery, I'll give you that, but with some peoples attitudes towards him, I'm hardly surprised.. Snakehips is mostly right, and points out an interseting thing...a lot of people north of the border dont give a fuck about nationalism, often those from isolated communities.
  5. Stick to the point old son.....if all that is true, why did you lot look as if youd just won the league,fa cup, champs lge, eurovision and the fuckin Wearside carpet bowls league on the day we went down? We're fuck all, we dont matter in the big scheme of things and you're historically better....so what the fuck are you doing on here? Feel free to make a complete tosser of yourself if you like, but all you're doing is proving our basic point....you fuckers only exist in regards to your relationship with us...take that away and what is there?
  6. Tory supporter contributing to party coffers shocker! Not only do the unions pay for Labour, they also pick leaders the MP's don't want. I would also divert your attention to reading county council. Until recently Labour controlled and until recently using millions of council tax payers money to feather the nest of three union officials. The sleaze and waste that is going on under politicians is a national scandal. The most corrupt among them have faced charges. fyp
  7. Henman never even got to a major final, but at the moment they are looking at having much the same sort of career...very good players, but lacking that extra you need to win the big ones. Murray looked like hed been up all night smoking crack from about the middle of the first set. Djokovic got almost everything Murray hrew at thim back, sometines unbleiveably. Fair play, great player.
  8. Hmmmm....... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ool/9377256.stm
  9. This lass has had him up basically for sexual harrassment in the workplace.....does she get to decide herself who gets to see her as nowt but a sex object or does it all depend on if shes being paid to read an autocue or get her bits out? Sky will have wanted him out and he left himself open to it but the hypocrisy stinks......cracking piccy mind
  10. It's a typical moronic reaction from Brady - sure Gray and Keys were in the wrong but senior figures from all around football have come out in support of Massey, including Ferdinand and Savage - also people are too keen to forget she's already officiated a game in the Premier League this season and various female officials have been officiating games in the football league for a while. People are trotting out the same old lines when it comes to the sexism argument. So & so % of boardroom members of said industry are women, like they are aiming for a perfect 50%. Fuss for the sake of fuss. If you watch football and you don't think Andy Gray is a moron give your head a shake, it's old news! *So she's basically saying she employs women? Brady conveniently forgetting the sterling work she did for the image of women in general whilst looking after the Daily and Sunday Sport for the arch dildo seller, David Sullivan. She said that shes taking legal advice over the allegations in some tabloids that she sent texts to the senior players at West Ham telling them to help topple Avram Grant. If she successfully sues anyone for that I'll dive off the Tyne Bridge wearing a mackems shirt
  11. Sounds like a jealous fucker....like the bird who just dumped him lives there and hangs out with the people he's being disparaging about..... I worked there when Princess Di went into the tunnel in Paris and didnt come back...between there and Hoxton, de Beavoir Town estate, which is easily the scariest place I'd ever been to up till then. So the gentrification by arty fuckers of the A10 has moved on from Hoxton to Dalston....Stoke Newington is next, but I think they'll struggle to drive the Turks out..bit like Lawrence of Arabia
  12. and where did you glean that priceless pearl of information from micky baby? Hearts were the big coupon busters if you ask me....well they fucked me up anyhow
  13. Have QPR signed him permanently?...thought he was on loan from Spurs?.....
  14. No where near as shit as your support though. hahahaare you kidding me? All you could here on the box was the spurs fans. the first half was like a wake. Truly pathetic from a crowd of that size. Difficult to judge from a call centre in Berkshire, or whatever suburban shithole working there lets you afford.....at least Stevie was there, and I was at your place a month ago where the only time we heard you is when you scored.
  15. Thing is match of the day proved she was spot on with her decision....she did that "joogging whilst over emphasising that you definetly havent raised your flag" thing linesmen do all the time when its a tight decision.
  16. I miss Leeds away, but I'd no problem with them suffering for another ten years in the lower leagues. And the thing is someone has to replace them. And often its the Wigans of this world. Wigan is a well run club...losts of debt, but youve got to speculate to accumulate. As someone has said one day Whelan will pull the plug and they'll return to their natural level, just as Wimbledon did before the shocking events around the founding of MK Dons and as boro are also doing now Gibbo has wiped the scales from his eyes.
  17. Its pretty fuckin pointless criticising Wigan really.....there have always been small clubs who punch above their weight in the top division. Wimbledon survived (and often thrived) for more than 10 years on crowds a lot smaller than Wigans before the modern Sky influenced football world caught up with them.Interesting to note that Dave Whelan is a sports retailing multi millionaire who actually beleives in properly supporting his managers on a personal level and finanacially.He also has his way of communicating with the supporters and who has gone out of his way to bring major sporting success to his home town....Wigan rugby league team won the Super League last season, a championship which had been theirs almost continually during the eighties and nineties...Wigan Athletic staying in the Premier League for 6 seasons is also a huge acheivement, in spite of how many fans they attract. Anyone laugh at Leeds plummetting?....glad they may well be back next season?...longing for an away day to Hillsborough?...make sure you didnt get a little tingle of pleasure at Sheffield Wennesdays misfortunes then...difficult to have it both ways on this one, but as football fans am sure we'll find a way
  18. Thing is it holds 80k and the top athletics meeting in the summer is held at Crystal Palace which can be extended from 15k to 24k which is more than enough for the UK's athletics watching public. The Spurs plan makes a lot more sense and with the added bonus of them moving 9 miles round the north circular to Stratford, and thus consigning 106 years of history to the dustbin....fuckin Levy wants shooting for that. There were Spurs fans going round with "Keep Spurs in Haringey" petitions before the game at their place last month and there was some sort of protest in the last couple of weeks which turned a bit nasty by all accounts. Any good work that Spurs have benefitted from during Levy's tenure may well be undone by this so I think its a great idea
  19. No its not, his is some square and compass freemasons fuckwittery...have a look....
  20. I thought you were the same race as the Palestinians and other local tribes/peoples, just a different religion?....isnt that where "anti semitic" comes from,and why its inaccurate, as you're all semitic?..
  21. What ones yee Kevin? right, without the piint glass covering my face awww. i want to give you a cuddle. I'll never take the piss out you again Kevin. I thought he'd be a right little rogue. Couldnt look much more Irish if he tried Mine is from a "film character" fancy dress party where I went as Santiago Nunez...fuck paying for a proper costume like You like the type that stands round Keith Barrett in the Newcastle Labour Club before games. Your haircut makes you look like the "man" in a lesbian civil partnership
  22. What ones yee Kevin? right, without the piint glass covering my face awww. i want to give you a cuddle. I'll never take the piss out you again Kevin. I thought he'd be a right little rogue. Couldnt look much more Irish if he tried Mine is from a "film character" fancy dress party where I went as Santiago Nunez...fuck paying for a proper costume like Bollocks!! You, (Paddocklad), look (and sound) like a tubbier version of Ally Fraser from the 2nd Auf Pet, series. (who'd have thought this site had so many characters from the show?) fuck off man thats me....next to Mrs Doubtfire my asthma medication has made me gain a pound or two admittedly
  23. What ones yee Kevin? right, without the piint glass covering my face awww. i want to give you a cuddle. I'll never take the piss out you again Kevin. I thought he'd be a right little rogue. Couldnt look much more Irish if he tried Mine is from a "film character" fancy dress party where I went as Santiago Nunez...fuck paying for a proper costume like
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