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  1. “Imagine my surprise… I was innocently searching for new football kit…”
  2. “Mission accomplished agent Shearer, getting yet another chomp from a spreadsheet dude, return to base, this is Luddite red leader, over and out”
  3. @wykikitoon is this you and your mates this weekend? 😆
  4. Some wholesome content to take away the stench of Sky’s bullshit…
  5. Fuck off Redknapp 7 days ago you said Spurs were odds on for the top four you bullshitting fuckin cunt
  6. Well fuckin thanks then. I’m sat here in my pants trying to prevent yet another episode of “Gemmill prediction regret syndrome” and all I get is abuse
  7. Yeah, you’ve talked a good game about Everton being relegated too Chelsea have two games in hand on us and are six points behind. If we can find a bit of form then so can they. Mind they don’t have Ice Cold Alex..
  8. Spurs are possibly catchable given their run in. Villa have been shaky recently. Neither look as strong as we did last spring tbh. But 10 points is probably too much. We’d have to win all ours and that’s just as highly unlikely as Spurs going into irreversible meltdown….theyre averaging 1.5 points/game v the rest of the bullshit 6 this season and have Arsenal and Man City at home (Chelsea and Liverpool away) Can’t see it… at the moment anyway..
  9. Am seeing Jah Wobble at Poole Lighthouse the night we play these at Old Trafford. Am already receiving abuse for not going 😏
  10. 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒
  11. McCoist and Fletch nailed it in commentary… Barnes Gordon and Isak haven’t started together this season, they were very likely the intended first choice forward line all along Ferdinand now saying VDV is too fast
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