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  1. Ome thing making an accurate assessment of how a game is going, it’s another to be needlessly & miserably pessimistic 10 hours before kick off
  2. Youve watched decades of unadulterated fuckin shit and this is the hill you choose to die on? So much to be positive about but a few injuries and it’s “WAAAH WUH FUCKIN SHITE MAN AH CANNIT BELEIVE IT MAN 200 MILL IN A YEAR AND WUH STILL SHITE MAN!!!!” I don’t understand it. Anyway, stick your Mitro posts up your arses, this is the kid who’s going to haunt us today…
  3. Ukraine applies to join NATO on the same terms as recently joined Finland & Sweden…same day as Russia “formally” annexes four areas of Ukraine… will that end the war? 🤔
  4. Correct…he was 16…. I gave into temptation and looked it up, the 4th midfielder was Luis Fernandez
  5. I don’t remember anything of Euro 84 (just the semis & the final were on tv?? I was 15 but I think that summer was spent chasing girls from the next village of exceedingly easy virtue 😉) but I saw a comment on Facebook which said that Zidane would’ve struggled to get in the French side in 84 as their midfield was so well balanced which sort of inspired me to have a mooch on YouTube… Six, Tigana & Battiston were the others?
  6. Platini will forever remain an Olympic standard wanker but he was a fuckin great footballer https://youtu.be/IU9S9oaa-AU
  7. Australian international? He’ll probably end up being fuckin brilliant but only available for 2/3 of the season due to being fuckin knackered from all the travelling to and from the likes Guam and Bhutan for World Cup qualifiers
  8. Old age? Charlie done her with a pillow when she was having her afternoon nap, plain as day
  9. Dan Snow on the PM’s media round this morning
  10. Understand that NUFCs new data specialist is of Iberian extraction
  11. Can she be removed by conference?
  12. On the basis of that she should get her cards today
  13. Pippa Crerar knew…..after her work exposing the no. 10 parties that got rid of Johnson I don’t think there’s a lot she doesn’t know…
  14. Tory party conference next week 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆🤣
  15. Let me get this right…the UKs central bank have intervened to protect the UKs citizens from the consequences of the actions of the UKs government?…. 🤔
  16. Sounds like a Saturday night talent show on ITV
  17. Yeah, but in a cabinet stuffed with nine of them who’s uttering caution? “Britannia Unchained” could almost be their battle cry and who’s name is all over it as Rayvin said?… if he had any common sense he’d have played a longer game but I suppose the mess Johnson left them in means they thought this could buy then victory in 2024…
  18. Yeah I’d agree with that, but Sven never had the balls to pick,of all people, Scott Parker unless you can think of someone else from back then?… Erickson was a fuckin fan boy, same with McLaren. Don’t think the players were having Cappello, and it showed in South Africa…
  19. Kwarteng is an exceedingly clever man, his PHD thesis was published as a book and is apparently ,as quite a few very learned people have commented, very good.He’s one of these that us blue collar proles often encounter in the work place though . He’s got the common sense of a fuckin park bench. It would also appear his chain is being completely yanked by the ERG. And they’re the opposite of clever, they’re ideological zealots. He’s probably in thrall to them because of the aforementioned lack of common sense
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