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  1. Emery arguably did better this season than Howe did last season. Started later, three places higher than us tbf ie 16th, but finished 7th and got into Europe where we finished 11th, we gained 8 places they gained 10 but Emery didn’t spunk 90 mill this January as we did the previous one I remember Nigel Pearson got a lot of praise for largely putting Leicester’s title winning squad together in the 18 months before they won it, I wonder if Steven Gerrard will be remembered similarly at Villa? 🤔 https://amp.sportsmole.co.uk/football/aston-villa/transfer-talk/feature/aston-villa-transfer-ins-and-outs-january-2023_502171.html https://amp.sportsmole.co.uk/football/newcastle-united/transfer-talk/feature/newcastle-united-transfer-ins-and-outs-january-2022_472909.html
  2. That’ll be vadge. Wtf is wrong with some of you today? Have you been on the fuckin Bushmills?
  3. If it’s whatsername she’s a wolves fan (sorry mate, not picking on you.. I know it’s been a long season but… you know.. standards… )
  4. I’ve never seen anything in him either tbh . I think our defence was so good when he was playing regularly it covered for him
  5. Just driven back from Gatwick and put the match on…. got a stream up but the commentary is a bit…. Anyone else getting this??
  6. There was a time on here when CT was torn limb from limb for posting crap like Sean Casey
  7. Not really, 5/6€ a pint 3/4 for a bottle of moretti or peroni. Restaurant food isnt bad value though, nothing over 15€ for anything really, meat, fish, pasta etc
  8. Did Mike Ashley contribute to the Tory party? Reuben is simultaneously an arsonist and a fireman tbh
  9. I’m not going ( been before, they’re all cunts) but all other South Coast Mags completists are in attendance. Went to Celtic when SBR was manager, they’re all cunts as well This will likely put a wedge in the spokes of UM’s little scheme…but I doubt if he’s the type to admit it… https://www.nufc.co.uk/news/latest-news/season-ticket-holders-urged-to-update-online-ticketing-accounts/ Sounds like e tickets through an app are coming in next season…. There’s already clubs that do it and you have to attend 75% of games to keep your ST (one could be Brentford? 🤔) That’s cuntish to say the least, but there we probably be some re sale site set up for non attendees 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Direct flights from Edinburgh and Gatwick, the city is an underrated gem, it’s just a pity my family are here to fuckin spoil it 😃 this shows THE OTHER CATHEDRAL…St Sabins..the locals speak a really weird dialect influenced by Muslim folks who invaded 1k years ago…the women make the orrichette pasta in the streets and let it dry in the open air…seafood paradise etc etc. well worth a visit, city break etc😊
  11. The quality of European medieval “old towns” isn’t often at the forefront of my thoughts but it has to be said Bari doesn’t readily spring to mind for your average punter. It has to be said though that it’s utterly fuckin amazing etc and as an added bonus you can casually stroll into a gorgeous cathedral and get and audience with yer actual genuine SANTA CLAUS 🎅 at the Bacilica di San Nicola There’s also a statue of the fucker outside… paid for by one Vladimir Putin, who wanted to venerate the saint too. He’s very important to the Orthodox Church too, he’s patron saint of Russia.
  12. Drawn a blank in Bari for watching the game tonight….there isn’t a broadcaster who screens live premier league games apparently 🤷🏻‍♂️ I mean what do you expect from a town who has this in their club shop
  13. “ Newcastle are shit “ part 7436 😏 Think the fuckin scouse cunt has forgotten Rangers and Celtic both played in the group stages this season 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. Am with my celtic cousins on this one. Loved Ginola but Robert in a way had more tools although without DG’s ability to beat a man. DG’s level dropped when KK stopped him going to Barca, Robert’s dropped when Souness rolled in like a 1970s gangster and expected everyone to treat him like Tony fuckin Montana
  16. Not an Eddie Howe player as long as I’ve got a hole in my arse
  17. Hope you make Europe mate, best of luck PS would you accept a sneaky 30mill for wee Billy? 😃
  18. “thestrayferret.co.uk”
  19. Yeah Kompany is a deeply impressive individual…. completed a masters degree in business administration whilst still playing, then gets Burnley back up first dart..…that’s who Eddie will be competing with long term…
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