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  1. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/11/30/jeremy-clarkson-striking-public-sector-workers-should-be-shot-115875-23600850/ I turned it over after he said that if he gets the train into London it always stops at Reading due to someone throwing themselves in front of it and they should just carry on anyway as there wouldnt be much left of them. If you're going out of your way to be "outrageous" and "controversial" on live tv at least be funny with it Clarkson you fuckin wanker. And how much public money has that cunt taken over the years btw for his awful car programme?
  2. Actually...on a serious note, I would agree that your starting 11 are superior however I would say ours has far more depth. If any of your key players are injured, you would be struggling to replace them from the bench: cabaye and tiote for example. If they get injured, you're left really thin on the ground. Tiote hasnt played for 3 games. Won one, drawn one, lost one. Canny enough, considering the opposition. Pardew is a bit like Sir Bobby in the way you can actually see how he has improved certain players, Danny Guthrie being the most improved. Who do you fancy for manager?..O'Neil wont leave Wycombe or its surroundings iyam...
  3. Aye.........mustve made his debut in the late 80s, still playing for Finland at 40...
  4. Just read this in a book.....name a former Liverpool player who has played international football in 4 different decades?.....
  5. Those wanker stewards at spurs aren't getting to much joy telling the PAOK fans to "siddahn"....fuckin mentalists! two nowt to PAOK....
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrLcNWi94Wk&feature=related
  7. For those of you having trouble sleeping tonight heres a piccy of some redshank I took with my snazzy new nokia 800...dont think its good enough for the David Bailey/photography page but am sort of pleased with it....taken at Keyhaven in Hampshire with the Isle of Wight in the background...
  8. We're big in France apparently..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz4pCTw2CFE
  9. Weren't we in for that Derdiok who scored the first with hos first touch from the bench for Leverkusen?.....he had a hand in the second too, his pass caused the corner they scored from. Has he been out injured or are Leverkusen just laden with attacking talent?
  10. Ant is a genius and a legend Kevin so back the fuck off. Cheers Ant, working perfect now.
  11. Early xmas prezzie to self.. Now can anyone give me any tips on how to get the best of the fuckin thing?/technomoron Special message for Ant or any other geet high up admin gadgie....it looks like (cant be sure, see above post) that I'm unable to surf the wonderful pages of toontastic.net on it....I "binged" the web address and the webpage came up, but its all squashed and compressed and it will do precisely fuck all. Am I astonishingly thick or will it not support message boards etc?.....I dont think it supports flashplayer, which was a bit of a surprise, is it something to do with that by any chance?...
  12. Anyones coupon let down by Airdrie Utd 11 Gala Fairydean 0? The Fairy's goalie is an ex ST holder at SJP called Elliot Turnbull, currently nursing a very sore back! :-D
  13. Even with Ashley's 'new' vfm transfer policy we shouldve brought a left back and a striker in during the summer. The stories about taking the piss at both ends of the market sum the prick up. We may have nicked a win at QPR or v Arsenal if we'd had a fit motivated striker instead of a clearly out of sorts Ba and a barely fit Shola. We may well have won one of them and be 2 points or possibly more better off this morning. If Taylor had been on the bench yesterday would we have got to half time nowts each? What would have happened then? We'll never know, the result wouldve been probably the same,but the point is that we're not being given the best chance of capitilising on Pardews apparent excellent managerial abilities because he's not being backed properly. Not to have a first choice left footed left back is appalling. Am sure Pardew wont mind, he knew the deal when he signed up, but for anyone complaining about Ryan Taylor, then the trouble is the lack of depth in the squad and the man at the top is responsible for that.
  14. Perch came on for Cabayae, Pardews brought him on in midfield a few times. Hard to say whether Taylor should get the chop, I wouldnt but Santon can't be pushing him that hard in training either. And if he was as brilliant as he was before his injury, Santon sure as fuck wouldnt be here. Pardew surprised me yesterday by giving Sammi his full debut so he's not shy about throwing players in at the deep end. If Santon is on the bench at OT then maybe we can assume that Santon really isn't putting enough pressure on Taylor or Simpson for that matter. Bottom line is there isnt a specialist left back at the club and our good start has papered over that fuckin ridiculous sitution. If Pardew had been supported properly in the transfer market this summer then where could we be sat this morning?....
  15. Took an ex to the opera a few years back. She went to a posh school in Cornwall and got into it there. Her favourite bit of opera was an aria from madame butterfly so when I saw it was on at a local theatre I spent the thick end of 60 quid on a couple of tickets. I'm not a philistine, I can appreciate the finer things in life, but it was fuckin shit iyam. And I got dumped a week later. Wasnt gutted or anything, honest :-(
  16. Tonights version of hell is man city fans from stoke on the train sounding like manu fans 'we'll score when we like' ffs...and that poznan fuckin bollocks.....theyve got the worst set of know nothing bandwagon jumpers since fuckin chelsea. Canny enough today, we got twatted 4 nowt at stoke last season with a fair few of the same players. Ashley has struck lucky with Pardew and Carr....
  17. Wilshere looks like he could be the one. Although I totally agree with your point. Aye but shirley you need a team that can keep the ball?....one player who doesnt give it away on his own isn't going to make a lot of odds really. The top teams know when to take a rest in football....to just keep the ball and make sure nothing is happening on the pitch that requires any great effort. English players are still clueless about how to pace themselves in a game after 20 years of the champions league and being on more money than they know what to do with they still score a lot more goals in the first half of their games than the second. In the last big 5 tournaments (not including last year in SA) England scored 22 of their 35 goals in the first half of their games. In the games where they were eliminated from these tournaments, they scored 7 out of their 8 goals in the first half. That book is really good btw
  18. That book says that England more or less get the results you'd expect, allowing for the things (according to the authors) that make the difference in international football.....amount of international games played,geographical closeness to Western Europe, per capita income and population. See this post in relation also to the Asian thread. To improve this stat, the book suggests somehow making the Premier League less intense every single week (yeah, good luck!), an end to the almost complete exclusion of the middle classes from playing professional football which cuts the talent pool available by a huge amount ,and a closer relationship with the 5 "core" footballing countries of Western Europe i.e. France,Germany,The Netherlands, Italy and Spain (count those World Cups and European Championshipsin the last 30 years...) The countries at the "edge" of Europe i.e. us Brits, the Scandies,The Balkan States, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics have won one title between them in that time; Greece won the Euros in 2004.
  19. Smokescreen for last weeks carry on iyam. He's the sort of prick who'd probably enjoy seeing his character being assasinated on toilet walls so this will hardly bother him. Where the fuck could he speak in a social setting to fans on Tyneside without at least one of them glassing him? Apart from the NO xmas social?
  20. 10 million a season?....does it say that in the Times?....do you think that it could be just another load of spin by any chance and he has no intention whatsoever of selling the naming rights to anyone? who'd have thought it?...is Andy Carroll still at the club?...
  21. How many top flight clubs who havent moved grounds completely have gone down the "re naming" road though?... The press cant find out how much Sports Direct are paying for all this shit as Llambias is a one man press agency and they'll be no questions afterwards thankyouverymuch.
  22. That blog writer ripped off that Lyon story lock stock and barrel from a chapter in a book called "Why England Lose" by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski. I've referred to it a couple of times on here and I think Leazes has read it too. "Christian" has just been on national radio claiming it as an original idea of his. Prick. http://www.leazesterrace.com/lyon-on-tyne-newcastls-unlikely-inspiration/
  23. Theres some bell end (blog writer, blog has "Leazes" in the title...he's called Christian?) on 5live just said "you cant really fault Mike Ashley".......yes you can and anyone blowing smoke up his arse for striking lucky with Graham Carr and Pardew should know he's incapable of making 2 decent decisions in a row. Cunning though...get the fans onside by selling the waverers cheap season tickets then change the name of the stadium.....if this is true.......
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