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  1. Toontastic Mod NAZIS

    You must be referring to the poo and gay ones.
  2. From .COM

    Nice to see you're living up to your name.
  3. Anelka wants to come..

    I don't think anyone doubts that he has talent, it's just that he seems that he can't be arsed to apply it and he'd just be content to sit on the bench/physio table picking up his large pay packet each week. Plus we could do with a bit of pace up front to complement Big Al and Viduka is more of a target man.
  4. Toontastic Mod NAZIS

    Could have always used the image tags and linked to one elsewhere if you're that desperate.
  5. cats or dogs

    Cats because they look after themselves. Dogs are great but after a 13 hour day I couldn't be doing with taking it for walkies. Plus giving it a regular bath then cleaning of the entire bathroom would do my head in too!
  6. undie poll....

    Edible panties.
  7. Anyone getting the X-Box 360?

    Not too sure at the mo, torn between 360 and PS3. Used to have a PS2 and an XBox, but sold the PS2 because I felt the XBox was a lot better. However, all my other AV gear, bar the 50" Pioneer plasma , is Sony, so a PS3 would fit it nicely if I can wait till next year. Having said that, the 360 seems to match the Sky+ box so I could go that route... although Sky will be bringing out a new box next year when they launch their hi-def service so perhaps I should wait till then.... Oh decisions decisions decisions .... One of the first games for the 360 though sounds very good. Can't recall the name but it's a similar concept to GTA, not as big as San Andreas but sounds just as good if not better.
  8. Smileys

    Perhaps you've a popup blocker. As Gol said, try just typing the code, such as blink with a : directly before and after.
  9. Your desktop..

  10. So who we missing then?

    I'm surprised you didn't just follow me here with all your stalking habits 3806[/snapback] Well I would have but in one bizarre moment you gave me the slip and the next thing I knew I was stalking Craig.
  11. So who we missing then?

    Yous lot are crap! 12 bleedin' pages and I'm not mentioned once Ah well at least Gol remembered me, cheers matey!
  12. Toontastic Birthdays....

    14th November for me. Get it added! PM me for the address to send cards, money and extravagant gifts to.

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