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  1. Lets not forget he doesnt trust Arabs, only Nigerian internet made millionaires.
  2. not now because its been fucked up for him, there have been over a dozen games where he could have and probably should have at least made a sub appearance, he should have been kept fresh throughout the season so he could be called upon when Martins or Owen got injured. Instead he is 6th choice, £5.5m for 6th choice striker? LOL, argubly 7th because Duff is preffered!
  3. there is potential there, he needs a run of games, confidence and decent coaching and he'd be a half decent player, certainly better than Carroll and Ameobi. Judging by Kinnears comments at the start of his reign he kicked Xisco out because of the language barrier. I feel sorry for him, he's been ruined.
  4. credit to Alan Oliver for inventing some fuel for southerners to have a dig at us with eff off judas twat
  5. Arsene Wenger vs Joe Kinnear and a bunch of young spanish shit??? Aston Villa are an example of copying Wenger for footballing results, they buy top young talent, english talent (we sell it). Wenger sold the deadwood and bought youth throughout his Arsenal days. Why have we bought players who inevitably turned into deadwood and we've spent millions on foreign youth that have hoplessly flopped, spanish under 21s my arse, they barely ever got a game for the spanish under 21s, it was like signing Andy Surman for £6m. Our model is nothing like Arsenals. We have to clear the deadwo
  6. haha is that derek llambias in the pink skirt?
  7. We need pace upfront when Martins is out, if this is who we have to settle with then so be it. Now about the rest of the squad...
  8. he took the bus back off the club when Keegan left i dont think he supported us.. he just hated Man Utd like everyone else
  9. if we didnt have to pay Smith, Viduka, Geremi, Cacapa and Dennis Wise we'd break even eh...
  10. obviously neither of them have heard of a mobile phone, or maybe Llambias is gunna play???
  11. its a good job no one expects anything at City anyway ey...
  12. selling our best players has never been a good thing. With Shay Given we're set up with one of the best goalkeepers in the league for the next 7 years. He's not as replaceable as people think long term. Short term it would be nice to see Harper play some games but its debatable how good he'd be, he hasnt played in a long time, he's getting older, its going to take a run of games to get into it, then there is the flaws in his game such as communication with his defence. We've been here before thinking our better players are replaceable and we wont need them that much, we should
  13. not agreeing with someone doesnt make them a fucken idiot £10m on a centre mid and nothing on anyone else is ludicrus, i'd rather go with what we have, that will be good enough. Oh no i am a fucken idiot like Kinnear who wants to blow his entire budget on a centre mid, how does that work., you cant liken me to Kinnear just because you dont agree with me. Joey Barton and Obafemi Martins will will be key just like last season, full backs will shore us up better at the back. We're not going down, we are good enough to stay up, even with a mere 2 signings, it's a question of how comfortab
  14. this is true, but we have had these signs in january before. There are 9 clubs in the same points boat. A couple of key players return we win some games we survive. I'm not going to say we're going down and be pessimistic and panic. We will be in a fight with at least 6 other clubs. In 10 games time we can start worrying. Form can turn easily though, either way. The worry for me is our fixtures, big guns come here, we go away to those around us.
  15. that was a long time ago!!! When was the last time we were "vicious"???? If we're going to go on past quotes like that, a certain Alan Shearer said the pressure from the home support makes us play better but we dont have that pressure away. There has been a massive difference in mentality since Allardyce left and the footballing world slated us. And thus without it we would be even worse. You want to shatter the players completely then we wont pick up any points at home. It would be post Keegan all over again, so to do that now, at this stage in the season would be catastrop
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