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  1. Politics

    Not taken fuck all notice in the GE since Friday. Been great for the mind. Spoke to my Brother in law last night. He went to the footy with the old man and his mates. father in law lives on the edge of Chesterfield. They're comfortable, no issues. Chesterfield on the other hand is a fucking dive. Struggling like most northern cities. His mates are similar to him, they all work together and have been at the company decades. They're not at risk. When I've been out with them before they moan about shops shutting in Chesterfield, or one of their kids losing their jobs etc. Last month one had an operation cancelled for the 3rd time and was gutted for it. Guess who they voted for Daft cunts deserve everything they get. Selfsih cunts. I asked my FIL why would he vote for the Tories when he has a son who works in the Public sector and has been told his job maybe at risk if Brexit happens. So he's spent the last 2 years shitting it. He has a daughter in law who works for the NHS too. They have had a couple of health issues also. My mother in law did something to her shoulder. They could easily pay to go private to get it sorted. Instead they waited 3 months for her to get it sorted. It was a painful 3 months too. They can kiss that good bye now and double that. I just do not get it.
  2. There was actually an incident. Kid who was sat behind me about 10mins in went out (i assume for a piss) came back in running and sat down. No drama's. Then a bloke from the cinema came in and asked to see his ticket. All I can think is he must have run so he didnt miss the film and they thought he was trying it on or summit. But the bloke from the cinema wasn't discrete at all. He was speaking at the top of his voice. I was about to gan radge but a bloke near us did it for me
  3. Death List 2020

    Steve Wright Ozzy Osborne Gene Hackman David Attenbrough Think Fist has got the short odd's one.
  4. Went to the cinema for first time in donkeys last night. Saw Le Mans 66, decent.
  5. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    McTominay is one soft cunt.
  6. Politics

    Protest in London and Glasgow apparently
  7. Politics

    An expert saying how Sunderland cannot afford to leave the common market. Fuck it, let the bastards get what they deserve.
  8. Politics

    One bloke moaning about how mines were shut down and local facilities. Turns out he didnt vote. Then another was just banging on about Brexit and how he didnt want Corbyn to be in because he wanted out.
  9. Politics

    Fuck me. Sky News just now interviewing two blokes in Bolsover. They should be put down.
  10. Politics

    She's just been up here selling buns for Crimbo Jumper day too
  11. Politics

    Fat Sharon
  12. Politics

    Sat here pissing myself. I love your Yorkshire 'accent' Gem babes BTW I do have my Christmas jumper on
  13. Politics

    Poor lad may he rest in peace
  14. Politics

    I saw a documentry about the crash in the US. A bloke had worked for local government all of his adult working life. With that he got health care. He was made redundant. He couldnt afford health care after he got made redundant as he was working in a low paid job. He then found out he got prostate cancer. Couldn't pay for the care, so ended up robbing the store he worked at, at gun point so he would get jail time to then get care. It's fine having this alright jack attitude, but nobody knows whats around the corner for anyone.
  15. Politics

    One of my closest friends is Labour through and through and loves his politics. He is 12 years older than me so grew up through the hard Thatcher years in Bradford. I called him this morning just to make sure the mad bastard hadnt hung himself.
  16. Politics

    The sexy one talks sense. Everyone thought the world would end when Trump got in with a full nuclear war. That's not happend. So let's all have a breather.
  17. Politics

    That's what makes me angry & sad. I am from a working class background and grew up on a council estate. I still have friends and family on that estate. I have grafted hard to be where I am now and had to make some sacrifices for it. But I will never be ashamed or forget where I am from. Some of my mates are on minimum wage and scrape by just to feed their kids. It's them who will suffer. My old man is registered disabled and struggles with just getting the morning paper. His neighbour is still on coal fire and doesnt have central heating. Every time I go see my old man I pop in to see him. Have a chat and a laugh and his house this time of year is freezing. I always take him a bag of stuff for him. The country is fucked, bunch of self centred cunts. Do some people vote for them shithouses because that's where they wish they were in the social ladder?
  18. Politics

    Turkeys voting for Christmas
  19. Politics

    We want Brexit done thats why we voted Tory. Wait on The Tories have had 3 years to get it done.
  20. Politics

    Fuck me Lad here who's had health issues, complained a few weeks ago he couldn't get a GP's appointment. His last GP's was shut down. His wife has just come out of hospital after an operation. He's of Indian descent and we were talking about certain area's going to Tory. We couldn't believe it. He then said 'Well Bradford still Labour because of a Paki in charge' He is racist as fuck towards Muslims. I stopped him and said, wait on, who did you vote for. Tory
  21. Politics

    What's the odds on a recession?
  22. Politics

    What the cyclist?
  23. Politics

    I am truly finished with politics in this country, its shambolic. These cunts would step over a homeless guy at a heartbeat these collous bastards.
  24. Politics

    I just don't get it. Cuntsberg will be smashing her fanny with a massive one tonight
  25. Politics

    I am honestly on the floor, I am fucking stunned.

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