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  1. Them cunts Liverpool will help. They're fucking always the victims so have experience in being teflon
  2. I said weeks ago we will be fucked. We won't jump back out the Championship like years gone by. It's down there for a decade or so.
  3. Has anyone ever recorded a show from BBC sounds (was I lplayer) there's a show me old man would enjoy and I was going to put it on CD for him
  4. Just been thinking. I know,dangerous. If we got relegated and then got took over by these. Then got promoted it would be fine? Surly that shows the whole process is bollocks init?
  5. I hope someone had the guts to fucking go legal on it but it doubt they will. Oh well.
  6. Place I used to work had a lad like that. He once called up and said his dog had tooth ache. An admin lass said that was the last straw and emailed the main gaffer. He said he would sort it. He just emailed the lad asking him not to upset her
  7. An architect wont have a clue about what's holding up the building. Only whether mocha maker will fit in the corner of the kitchen
  8. Read a couple of crackers recently. The Shepard's life. Basically a Shepard in the lakes. Talks about his family history etc. Superb. No more Planet B. Probably the most balanced researched book ice have read about climate change so far. Brilliant.
  9. Hawksbee and Jacobs are cunts. Giggling little fannies like a shit version of on the Buses. One of them fucking hates us, that Chelsea cunt.
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