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  1. too easy a ride for my liking. his track record with 7 clubs is persistent. he makes them worse and then scuttles off and gets himself a new job. we are the 8th club he's come to that he;s done the same thing. given a budget, been lucky in a few games and been out thought and played by teams that if we had the team set up properly, we'd have come away with more. even with the team we have now we have several players that i think don't get what little he's telling them. also Jamie redknapps sky stuff. how is that guy on tv, he's an absolute moron. you can't defend the indefensible
  2. strengths: haircut weaknesses: vision, Hold up Play, passing, first touch, shooting, mobility, spatial awareness. worth £40m? not quite.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/the-set-pieces-blog/2021/jan/06/tino-asprilla-newcastle-25-years-was-a-joy seems a lifetime away, and that hat trick. what a player....
  4. almost sounds about right. i'm thankful i WFH, and am shielding. around where i live in the last 2 days traffic has gone way down. hopefully people are finally getting the message. though there are always some who really should know better.
  5. my local mp is the leader. he's a nice rational man who sees where the problems are and offers decent advice on these things. sadly his party has next to no political clout nowadays.
  6. pretty much this. the guy is pretty much the most toxic leader of any of the free world countries of the last few decades.
  7. think either of the Longstaffs offers more defensively, and mobility wise than Shelvey, although less creatively (if you call spanking the ball into spaces where sometimes our runners go as creativity). Hayden's not bad but needs help basically. shelvey would work best as a low rent Pirlo, but would need 2 covering midfielders to do his leg work. that doesn't really fit with the system they have and also would mean one less up the pitch. anyway Bruce probably still doesn't know our best eleven.
  8. ----Hayden --- Someone that can run a bit, tackle, press, and pass the ball. ASM----Almiron-----Fraser ---------Wilson Shelvey's Hollywood passing only works if you have willing runners, and converted central midfielders (hendrick), and forwards like joelinton don't fit the bill as their movement isn't good enough (or their touch). Hendrick probably would do a job alongside Jayden but then you have all the creativity and vision of Helen Keller.
  9. With Benitez there was a given that if he is allowed to run things he would improve a team tactically/ physically,/ mentally. if he'd have been given £40m, or whatever last seasons budget was, we would have had a better team I have no doubt, than we currently do, or at the very least a team that has a direction rather than give it to St max... honestly speaking I can't believe Bruce has got so many Jobs, he's a shambles.
  10. Bruce is tactically inept, morally bankrupt, a cretin, and basically not fit for the role. with the team working properly we could get lower mid table (11th to 14th). with Bruce in charge we'll probably get relegated. even with the bottom 3 being absolute rubbish, he's absolutely capable of dragging us down to the championship.
  11. Play Golf and cheat at it as usual?
  12. Still in ptsdville (surrey). The last few years have been spent avoiding watching football, as it really did annoy me, after a knee issue, though I've been keeping up with the fact we now have a side designed to take 13th place in the league. I'm now road cycling as my only means of exercise. Currently spend my time baiting tory mp's on twitter.... Life is good, hope you are all well.
  13. mikkeler heated seats is a nice brew.
  14. its lunacy. they (the conservatives) are completely out of control.
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