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  1. but his Glass Jaw again proved to be his undoing. needs to stay in his correct weight division and see how he goes there. he can box, but he can't take a hit...
  2. Spurs/Chelsea/Liverpool/Man utd/Leeds. all terrible clubs. with terrible fans.
  3. you get loads of that stuff happening in London, what with the CS routes going up. Wheelsuckers, nodders and tools on mobile phones walking out in front of you.
  4. going down, i fear. Terrible to say, but we are the 2nd/3rd worst team in the premiership as things stand.
  5. Paranoid London - Paranoid London. very enjoyable.
  6. great tv. Matt Berry can do no wrong.
  7. they will rip us apart. Vardy to get his record.
  8. its better than 8. but thats not saying much.
  9. he wishes. not even a 3rd of the talent. intellectually similar, and less likely to start a fight in an empty room.
  10. what for?, he needs a team built around him i reckon. At the moment its Froome as No1 at sky (rightly) I'd suggest Konigs a better bet for a GT than Thomas in sky's ranks. But not this year as he's already done 2! 22nd august it kicks off. Agree re the tiredness, think the bigger players that did the tour won't be able to do this at the same intensity. Pozzovivo for a podium? (if he stays on his bike).
  11. mid table mediocrity. play better footy than last year. beat a couple of the big teams.
  12. vuelta is up soon, can't see Froome winning it can we. he must be spent from the tour. Qiuntana/ Valverde perhaps?
  13. conditions (tail/ head wind) and the ability to follow wheels and other aspects come into this. also the stuff about 800 watts and no realheartrate increase. ther'es a lag when you do a vo2 effort as your heart is called upon, dependant on your fitness that can take a short while (not minutes but seconds). he also jumped right onto the moto's wheel thus the real values (650Watts) are easier to acheive and keep a lid on, i mean even after doing 40 minutes at 335 watts i can still put out nearly 1000 watts for 20 seconds.... that was more time than froome gassed it for up Ventoux. I'm a different kind of rider though, more suited to sprinting up short hills rather than timetrialling up as he does. I see nothing too suspect, its all physiologically acceptable. i see a lot of fear as the other riders simply don't have an answer for him except making his team work for him, and hopefully working him over. the last few days in the alps are going to be great. did anyone see the itv interviewer eviscerate Laurent jalabert? thats a scummy doper. i find it an awful shame that he's getting treated like this.
  14. So, what other online sources are there that are actually any good. I use Spotify a bit. but don't actually listen to much music nowadays and gave up creating cheesy dance music in 2012.
  15. true, doesn't cut the mustard. he's steady and can get teams performing for a season (perhaps), but is not savvy enough.