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  1. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    ----Hayden --- Someone that can run a bit, tackle, press, and pass the ball. ASM----Almiron-----Fraser ---------Wilson Shelvey's Hollywood passing only works if you have willing runners, and converted central midfielders (hendrick), and forwards like joelinton don't fit the bill as their movement isn't good enough (or their touch). Hendrick probably would do a job alongside Jayden but then you have all the creativity and vision of Helen Keller.
  2. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    With Benitez there was a given that if he is allowed to run things he would improve a team tactically/ physically,/ mentally. if he'd have been given £40m, or whatever last seasons budget was, we would have had a better team I have no doubt, than we currently do, or at the very least a team that has a direction rather than give it to St max... honestly speaking I can't believe Bruce has got so many Jobs, he's a shambles.
  3. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Bruce is tactically inept, morally bankrupt, a cretin, and basically not fit for the role. with the team working properly we could get lower mid table (11th to 14th). with Bruce in charge we'll probably get relegated. even with the bottom 3 being absolute rubbish, he's absolutely capable of dragging us down to the championship.
  4. Precedent Trump

    Play Golf and cheat at it as usual?
  5. Coronavirus

    Still in ptsdville (surrey). The last few years have been spent avoiding watching football, as it really did annoy me, after a knee issue, though I've been keeping up with the fact we now have a side designed to take 13th place in the league. I'm now road cycling as my only means of exercise. Currently spend my time baiting tory mp's on twitter.... Life is good, hope you are all well.
  6. What are you drinking?

    mikkeler heated seats is a nice brew.
  7. Coronavirus

    its lunacy. they (the conservatives) are completely out of control.
  8. Callum Wilson

    pretty much this. when playing in the bundesliga, he was good at linking play up. but, yeah, custard...
  9. Callum Wilson

    a centre forward that, probably needed a new challenge. can now play Joelinton in his favoured role, and hopefully get end product out of our other 2 attacking players. this feels like a positive step, but no doubt we'll still struggle.
  10. Precedent Trump

    good point well made. that interview I spotted on twitter was excruciating. he's got no self control and is an absolute embarrassment.
  11. Andy Carroll....Local Hero! O̶r̶ ̶J̶u̶d̶a̶s̶?

    bruces training methods in several previous clubs have resulted in this. no change there then....
  12. Coronavirus

    she's not bothered I reckon. she's allowed our government to engage in the pretty shambolic brexit discussions, and make a sham of preparing for covid.
  13. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    also has assymetric moobs. true fact.
  14. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    be nice if we finish above spurs, top 10 would be great considering....
  15. What are you drinking?

    left peg that could open a "can of beans". this is a historical statement, haven't played in 7 years. maybe a tin is better....

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