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  1. The two folk who i wanted win both got the prize money. Makosi's reception was class. She fully deserved it too....
  2. The Flamings Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
  3. a full size card board cut out of the jolly green giant that use to appear on sweetcorn ads ages ago
  4. one of those machines that turns the lights on when you clap.
  5. A drinks cabinet in the shape of a globe
  6. Is this really necessary? 11783[/snapback] THe way those B&Q adds go on, yes it is. Remotely controlled blinds
  7. This news doesn't fill me with confidence, but then again i didn't really have much regarding the game in the first place. He can't do any worse then Butt would've, but its a step backwards just as Elliot is.
  8. He's always struck me as a pretty good player. Not a world beater but would be an excellent squad member.
  9. Call me a cynic, but the bookies are doing this in the hope that many newcaslte fans will stick the cash on Owen coming when there is bugger all chance of it happening. He's staying at madrid or going back to liverpool.
  10. Eugene to win, although i wouldnt mind if Anthony won, as they seem like the only 2 genuine people on the show...
  11. Even more unlikely Freddy shepherd declined to make a comment to the media today.....
  12. Seems like an excellent deal. Between him and babayaro we might actually have half a left back!
  13. I'll be making my commute from manchester so i expect i'll make an apprearance.
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