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  1. Pointless friendly abroad when most of the key players are on international duty or crocked. Why waste Thousands on a plane when easyjet does the exact same job at a fraction of the price....
  2. Why do men enjoy farting loudly in public? Relief of pent up gas, although if its a noisy one i'll try and let it out in an area where it wont be heard. 2.Why do men like explosions? e.g. as in Brainiac and top gear? Big and destructive, men like powerful things. QUOTE 3.Why do men not use a bag? i mean, how do you manage to carry around your money, cards, ciggys, phone. keys? surely its so uncomfortable all crammed in your pockets? Its quite simple really. Wallet in right pocket, Phone and keys in left pocket. If going to the football i generally also fit the the mp3 p
  3. I went to one in about 1990 in Barbados. The only thing i remember about that was that they called a highland cow a "buffalo du shetland" useless fact for the day there...
  4. It is on england, or in the north west at least. I saw an episode of it a few weeks ago in manchester. Its not bad, but i've only really seen series 1 and that was when i still lived in scotland so quite a while ago really...
  5. Exactly my sentiments too. Both players have their advantages over the other. Owen is proven in the league, but is likely to want away for bigger things pretty swiftly. Kuyt has an excellent record in the netherlands but that doesn't count for much here, if he came and was successful i think he's less likely to want away so soon and he'd be cheaper to sign.
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    Are the changes to the DB gonna make the board GREAT!
  7. I'll be around, but i'll need to know the venue on friday (was talk of someplace other then union rooms) as im heading up to scotland for a day and will be netless.
  8. Been eating alot of Lion bars recently for no apparent reasons other then to smite the nestle ban at uni. Frys orange cream is nuff nice though and a cadburys snack always goes down well.
  9. At the moment its them walkers chicken and bbq sauce. lovely they be.
  10. Can only be good news. The sooner this deal goes through the better. If we do sign we'll still need another striker or 2.
  11. I'll give you a summary then! People met up, got depressed at St. James and drank alcohol, with two alcoholics left at the end still drinking when the sensible people had left!!! 15608[/snapback] I| take offence at being called sensible. The non-locals left earlier leaving just the locals to discuss the finer points of graffiti in the lasses bogs.
  12. I don't get why we sold him, yet only loaned out Robert. Surely the other way round would have made more sense. Ambrose on loan for a year would hopefully show us if was or was not good enough on a regular basis.
  13. Come out of central station turn right walk about 100yds then cross the roads and its there.
  14. Ahh, i've got that fun round trip awaiting. I had the warm up trip to london last week so now i'm ready for the real thing.... Just loafing around at work for another hour or so then im free. No plans for the weekend other then going to the game though....
  15. I can get you some if i can find my camera.
  16. Found the cable for the 3DO and started playing cannon Fodder. Quality game.
  17. Ahhhh "Special Needs"...those quota's are a wonderful thing. 14074[/snapback] Alcohol is a wonderful tool.... And 5 years on continued use of the same tool resulted in me ending up with a 'Desmond'! 14077[/snapback] How is Des these days? 14078[/snapback] Completely worthless! It served it's purpose and got me into the working world... However, any progression I make is on the back of 5 years of experience, NOT my degree! Echo what Rikko says, but with some Uni's (and courses) you don't have to been even close. Engineering for inst
  18. I didn't get what i needed but the uni took me anyway. So if you are close to the grade they often still take you anyway. This also makes me glad the marking time at uni is about 7 days as opposed to several months...
  19. Lager, Zubrowka. Although recently i've taken to drinking Gin and Coke.
  20. Ljungberg him self all but admittted it wasn't. On SSN this morning i saw his post match interview where he said something along the lines of i took my shoot zog blocked it so i went down. I'd have to see the replays to decide if it was a penalty. If you don't know it was a penalty when you were supposedly fouled it blatantly wasnt. There was no contact between zog and him. how thats a penalty i don't know.
  21. Theres 2 for me at the moment:- "Yeh, For Sure", which is stolen from only an excuse doing a piss take on graeme souness. and "It's a shit business", taken from the league of gentlemen, the guy who was in failed 70's glam rock band.
  22. Just back from the game and now i'm even more annoyed as the red card looks totally stupid as does the penalty. On the positive the team battled well and look relatively solid at the back. Emre and parker look like they could be class acts.
  23. Apparently they don't explode as such just kinda fall over dead... Also apparently giving them hot chilli sauce is more amusing as they think there mouths or on fire.
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