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  1. Well i just got my dissertation topic today, was my first choice as well. Its on the fun packed world of Gold coated metal oxides for use as catalysts that work at extremely low temperatures (-70 deg C) and the possibility of using them in a catalytic converter instead of the current catalysts which only activate when heated to in excess of 200 deg C.
  2. I dunno, he is a world class twat.
  3. Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo I'm burning star Vol.1: From fear through the eyes of madness.
  4. Alreetlike, Is there a layman's program you could recommend for making a website? I have a mate who'll let me have some webspace on his server but I need to make the site myself. Nothing too flash just a place people can download mp3s and maybe some pics. The design part I can do myself as I did it for A level. Any advice would be well appreciated 44306[/snapback] Try Macromedia Dreamweaver, although to get the most out of it you do need to know some HTML. But you can make sites up through the graphical interface without knowing any.
  5. Saw the film on friday and because of your comment i knew what was coming, friends didn' though....
  6. I agree for the most part on that. The only time consoles have an edge in performance is when a new generation is released. But 12 months down the line PCs are more powerful. Network play on PCs is better then any console on the market at the moment aswell. Halo 2 on Xbox live is alright, but not a patch on CS-source on PC.
  7. I'm not sure I have ever had IE crash on me. And I wasn't aware it was slow at loading web pages - seems pretty instantaneous, tbh. 44110[/snapback] IE used to be faster for loading, then someone posted a firefox tweek which makes it alot faster. IE used to crash 2-3 times a day for me. Got right annoying.
  8. Basically because its better. Its faster at loading webpages, better at downloading things, allows tabbed browsing and crashes alot less often.
  9. USB pens are as reliable as floppy drives, both should be used for one thing and one thing only - transporting data from one machine to another. Neither of them should ever be used to store back-ups or worse, the primary copy of your data. 43839[/snapback] Also make sure you only remove it when you are certain the data has finished being written to it, and the computer not using it at all. As if you remove it during a write phase they get corrupted and usually need a format.
  10. Just set the high score on the arcade version, the levels run out on that one though. I've got 60k on this version several times
  11. rikko


    Aye, and he must be very good, they have his photo up at my local bowling alley...
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    I went bowling on sunday, I didn't do that great, 117, but a friend managed 185 which was impressive.
  13. rikko

    Hapland 2

    This ones alot harder then the first one was. Quauliy game though.
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    If you do a real degree that actually means something then yes, if you're doing some bollocks degree then no as when you graduate you with one of them you can't get a job as alot of folk i know have just found out. And as for students there are as many twats in them as there are in any other demographic. You don't really notice the normal students just the annoying as hell twats who think they are being clever.
  15. I'll be about after for sure, before hand i might be pending how hungover i am from the previous day.
  16. From the little i've seen of him, he's got great control and and can run well with the ball. He doesn't seem afraid to do some dirty work either and looks capable of putting in a killer pass. I think he could link up fantastically with Owen.
  17. Peru, the Inca temples out there look amazing.
  18. left pocket: Phone right pocket: wallet my keys seem to vary between the two in equal amounts.
  19. I know the solution, its done in 17 moves. Posted in white below ----ANSWER STARTS HERE---- 1. cop & thief 2. cop 3. cop & girl1 4. cop & thief 5. mother & girl2 6. mother 7. mother & father 8. father 9. cop & thief 10. mother 11. mother & father 12. father 13. father & boy1 14. cop & thief 15. cop & boy2 16. cop 17. cop & thief ----ANSWER ENDS HERE---- edit Its just about not readable, highlight the text to read it.
  20. I've got one to do this year. Find out the topic in the next month or so. Not looking forward to that. Counts for about 20% of my degree
  21. It was a bit blocky on my screen. Increasing the bit-rate would be good for me. The music was too repetitive. The commentry or crowd noises would probably be better if its in english other wise stick with the music.
  22. A new keyboard was released specially for the event....
  23. I've listened to that station on the net for a while. THey are 97.7FM in manchester but don't start broadcasting there until 2006
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