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  1. Looks like he's trying to strangle shearer there....
  2. rikko

    Home Run

    just managed a 63m my best so far by a clear 13m
  3. Yeah it rocks,getting a new Family Guy episode in 15 minutes rocks so hard,BitTorrent is actually the only program that puts my speed to test,I always get around 220-240 KB/S for the newest FG episodes. 34856[/snapback] THe only thing that really tests my speed to the max is when i find a good FTP server that i can hammer. I can get 850k/sec on them. But on torrents i tend to get about 90k/sec average. For torrents just stick with torrent spy or piratebay. THey do the business well enough
  4. Really it shows the hardcore long time cricket fans over the johnny-come-lately bandwagon jumpers and glory hunters 34800[/snapback] But at least 24 of manc mags posts were him asking what the score was....
  5. I recommend this program for ripping/converting sound files. Its the daddy. http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm
  6. All you do is untick the full screen box in the options menu. Your OS resolution needs to be higher then 1024x768 as thats the resolution the game runs at.
  7. Well thats my parents with no TV in 3 years time. It doesn't really make sense to turn off the rural areas with no digital terrestrial coverage. Heck my parents don't even get Channel 5 on analog and ITV reception is always a bit dodgy. Why not switch off the citys where there is total digital coverage?
  8. Rooney needs to get sent off a few times for his mouth. Its the only way he'll learn. Even then i doubt it'll do much good.
  9. THe best way to transfer music/pictures to or from your phone is through either a) bluetooth, data cable c)memory card (if your phone takes one) and you have a card reader attached to your pc. If you download stuff through your mobile on GPRS as soon as you exceed your free download amount you get charged through the teeth. The best option is to ebay for the cable which would only cost £10. Or to buy a bluetooth fob, which again is about £10
  10. links down now, i need the space for other stuff
  11. Basically you just buy a wireless router-modem and the correct amount of wi-fi cards and install them all. A router-modem starts at about £60. Wifi cards form about £10. In my opinion you are best sticking to wired connections more reliable and have no black spots as can happen with wi-fi. Theres also no chance of anyone else stealing your internet.
  12. They only really count in the group if someone else plays the same track as you. 31749[/snapback] yeh, I've listened to none of the songs in the chart, infact none of the artists in the song chart have been listened to by me in the last week.
  13. Last time i went to the GP, admittedly now 4 years ago, they did it there. But then again that was Rural scotland.
  14. VirtualDub is king and its free. http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/virtual...10.zip?download
  15. Fuck all really. Just spent the past few hours watching shitty TV bored of that now though.
  16. The right team won that game. Why did sven replace Wright-phillips with cole? Lampard was totally anonymous, he'd have surely been a better bet to be removed and turn it into a 4-4-2.
  17. download and install this: http://www.free-codecs.com/Codec_Pack_All_in_1_download.htm and you should be able to play pretty much any video.
  18. Roxette and Vengaboys. And you're ashamed of porn? 29440[/snapback] There is no idv3 tag to detect so it won't upload any information. Not that i've checked or anything....
  19. Modest Mouse - The Good Times are killing me
  20. You only need to format the drive with windows on it. Assuming thats the 30 gig it wont take too long. 2 minutes for a quick format, which just sets all space on the HD as free space. Probably about 10-15 for a normal format which re-writes the file allocation table. Unless you've got HD problems a quick format is fine.
  21. Without a passport the only option is really Dublin, but thats not alot cheaper then london...
  22. Click here -> http://www.last.fm/group/Toontastic%2BBoard Then select join group
  23. If its anything like the one in manchester you've no chance on a saturday unless you are 25+. But then again the one in manchester is extortionately expensive.
  24. Formatting the hard drive wipes it of all data. You'd then have to re-install windows etc.
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