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  1. For me not one member of the ensemble cast of Platoon was out of place. Full Metal Jacket is one of those films I unfortunately keep missing.
  2. I'd do my best to maintain a decent balance of English players in the squad/first team. Could turn into Scotland if we are not careful
  3. I thought we paid about £1.5 Million for Given? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shay_Given Wiki says it so it must be true...
  4. I do too, but I cannot see it happening.
  5. Kuyt lost me £15!!! The horrible little man.
  6. Kuyt lost me £15!!! The horrible little man.
  7. Wouldn't mind seeing Stelios coming up here. As long as he brings his balloons with him.
  8. Think Emre will also be on his way out under the glorious new regime.
  9. Souness turned a top 6 club into potential relegation candidates. Roeder lacked the ability to turn things around in the long term. After all, you cant polish a turd. Therefore, Souness is the most hate worthy.
  10. 1. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being "Over the moon", how happy are you with this years' performance? 3 2. Your favourite performance of the season? Tottenham Away 3. Worst performance? Reading Away 4. Best goal? Emre, Vs Reading at Home 5. Worst goal conceeded? All of the goals Birmingham scored when they beat us 5-1 6. Best Player? Nobby Solano 7. Worst player? Babayaro 8. Most improved player? Butt 9. Most disappointing player? Duff 10. If you could have one match to re-play again, which would it be? 2- 1 loss to Fulham at the SJP 11. What would you
  11. Disturbingly, I wouldn't put it past us.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. They'll be behind Lee Clark in the que. How embarassing would it be for a would be superstar footballer, at the peak of their fame, to say they were discovered by Lee Clark?
  13. We are safe now. We have 6 games left. The optimist in me says we can get 9/10 points out of them. The pessimist says 3/4. Either way, we wont get drawn into the relegation mire.
  14. Newcastle Supporters - Memories of Everything (RHCP) or Innocent When You Dream (Tom Waits)
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