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  1. Arcade Fire

    I was thinking that, too. The guitars were often drowned out by the percussion, don't know if they need new speakers or what . That guy with the megaphone though
  2. Arcade Fire

    They were fucking class. Doing a Smiths cover halfway through though, WTF?
  3. Music video

    [shamed]Wherever You Will Go by The Calling? [/shamed]
  4. Arnt babies gorgeous...

    Read title as "Arnt (sic) boobies gorgeous...". Disappointed with contents tbh
  5. Interesting Chavs

    Overheard a couple of charvers discussing the virtues of 'Pearl Drops' toothpaste. This was at the back of the bus, yesterday: "Here man, have yi eva fuckin' tried that fuckin' Pearl Drops toothpaste? Gets ya teeth propa fuckin' white like hew..." Bizzare
  6. I won’t surrender to download bullies

    What a shower of kernts. So the jury have decided that her sharing each of these songs cost the music industry $9,250 . I'd be very interested to see how that was calculated. I'm guessing it was a complex procedure involving a big hat and some numbers.
  7. James Blunt

    Couldn't be arsed to read the whole thread, didn't know there was such a creature as a James Blunt fanboy though. Motherfucker
  8. 3 sugars!

    3 fucking sugars? Might as well break out the tin of Golden Syrup!
  9. Overtime

    Never have - never will, in fact - at current employer (HMRC). Time-and-a-half for 3 times the work of a normal day? Fuck off
  10. Words that do your head in

    Tret (as in "treated"). No such fucking word, you absolute spanner. Edit: Also, when Mackems (because I'm led to believe it's a Wearside thing. Or maybe just a 'tard thing) say Retchester. When they really mean "Register". Dieeeeee.
  11. Cunt Strap.

    "Aaaarooollddddd!" "You fucking tactically inept old man!"
  12. Christ I'm bored

    A young Ja Rule. Same fucking 'tache, too
  13. favourite mashups

    The Slack Album tbh. "In the Mouth, an Encore" pisses all over the Linkin Park version. Gotta love Pavement.
  14. power cut at work....

    NTC was down for about an hour, they managed to restore everything though, was hoping to get down the pub sharpish

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