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  1. Why are we looking at this, we have a big if to overcome. If we do go up IMO, with the same ownership and no further investment in playing staff we will not be good enough to sustain a position in the PL. Assley would be happy with that, money for getting promoted and parachute payment for relegation, not much of an impact on the terraces, what more could he want.
  2. Seen this reported on the official site "United Complete Harewood Loan Swoop" What a load of old tosh, how can a long drawn out and clumsey set of negotiations be described as a swoop. Got a really good press and pr room at NUFC, Lamearse you wanker.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, the end of the week is Saturday or is it Sunday? Still not holding my breath!
  4. For me it has to be Fenerbahce, not really just the team but the fanatical support and crazy atmosphere at every match, whether it's in the stadium or just watching them on TV in some remote village. The fans go wild, craaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!
  5. Just makes me feel that I despise Assley and Llambiass even more than ever. The overall blame lies at their door.
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...nty/8270272.stm
  7. Guthrie, frustrated senior player, sent off, what an example to the kids.
  8. A few injuries and suspensions no signings etc and this just might be the future
  9. Players trying to protect their own position, not sure Shearer would consider them good enough, for all sorts of reasons. IMO Hughton panders to the senior players and that's why Butt walked straight back into the side, could not have been based on merit.
  10. Cheers mate, here we go, 2-0 to the toon
  11. Has anyone got a radio link for the laptop please?
  12. May he live a long and prosperous life. I now BELIEVE
  13. no picture, only sound, hellllllllllllppppppp
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