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  1. http://www.nufcblog.com/2009/02/05/kinnear...astle-survival/ Who are you kidding Joe, whatever next?
  2. Sounds like Taylor has promoted himself to player spokesperson. I continue to read crap spouted by this second rate player, take a long hard look at yourself Steven Taylor and ask "do I really believe the shit that comes out of my mouth?"
  3. All a great idea, and love the slogans everyone of them, but how many will actually buy a teeshirt? To make an impact, especially amongst 40-50,000 fans there has to be a majority of fans wearing them. Will the majority of fans buy and wear one, seriously ask yourself that question. You are dealing with a huge cross-section of people from all walks of life, the young and the old, the not so well off to the better off, and the list goes on. IMO you will be lucky to sell 5000 and even if you do that number will just not make a difference. The black and white cards that we h
  4. Fair enough cos we have nothing better, but we should be able to mothball him and bring him out to play when we are desperate. But as things are we have to rely on Nicky Butt to play every week. Since he came back from his loan spell he has been great but just lately he is not putting too many good passes together and is very very slow.
  5. Believe it only when it happens, yet more bullshit, wonder who the PR person is this time?
  6. Whats that fecking smell, you Lambiarsed barsteward!
  7. Another draw, points dropped yet again, if this is one of our better performances, I am in despair. I do not understand when managers continue with out of position players, Kinnear is doing what everyone criticised Fat Sam for. Why can't they understand left from right.
  8. We were awful today and really 2nd best all over the park, with a few exception, Jonas was running all over the park and had a great game, but I wish he had the confidence to have a shot at goal. Enrique had a very good game along with Bassong and Taylor was ok and much better coming forward. After that I struggle with, Ameobi, apart from the pen he was shit, and IMO never be any good, Butt is feeling the pace and gets worse each week, Duff was also crap and I fail to understand why he is on the teamsheet. Finally the manager, Kinnear is just out of his depth, IMO clueless, and po
  9. 1 Man Utd 91PTS 2 Chelsea 88PTS 3 Liverpool 86PTS 4 Arsenal 78PTS 5 Aston Villa 73PTS 6 Wigan 55PTS 7 Everton 53PTS 8 Man City 52PTS 9 West Ham 49PTS 10 Fulham 47PTS 11 Bolton 45PTS 12 Tottenham 40PTS 13 Newcastle 40PTS 14 Hull 39PTS 15 Sunderland 36PTS 16 Portsmouth 33PTS 17 Blackburn 32PTS 18 Middlesbrough 32PTS 19 Stoke 31PTS 20 West Brom 28PTS This is my attempt, a tad optomistic.
  10. I think all of you are too harsh on insomnia, truble with Charlie is that he has the potential to be a very good player but he has one big problem, his bottom lip often gets in the way of his feet. Overall no loss.
  11. started as 2 years then 2.5 now it's just gone up, if you tell lies Joe you really need to remember what you said in the first place.
  12. I think Big Ron was an advocate of a nip of brandy or whisky before a big match. You might be right though about Cloughie. He had one regardless. ...or two.. The game has gone to shit. And Big John MacNamee and co would have the odd ciggy, even when sitting on the bench, never mind waiting till half time.
  13. A knee injury?? FFS - will they just stop fucking lying to us? FFS I never believe anything this lot says anymore. They are all a bunch of 's
  14. Can't see that mesel, like. Any deals wouldn't have to have Fatash and the dwarf at the game tonight? However, memories of Beardsley, Waddle, Gazza and Cole are refreshed. Memories of walking past the fans boycotting the games in the eighties and thinking, 'they must be mad' are refreshed, as we approach the same scenario today (I'm now contemplating a boycott of all the games myself, not that my absence will be of much significance - except to my heart ). Maybe, maybe not, but after the long absence, why all of a sudden decide to go to this game. Last time Fatash was at a game was
  15. No chance, more daftness being spouted by our management team of idiots.
  16. I'm gutted man. Excuse my ignorance of NUFC in the 80s, and correct me if i'm wrong - but that money was never re-invested properly into the team was it? We'll be getting £20m ish from Milner and Given and seeing absolutely fuck all from it. Fuming. no, it wasn't. They always gave the excuse as "strengthening other positions" [just like now] but in reality all it did was buy a couple of players who weren't good enough with some of it and the rest disappearing down a black hole. Back to the dark old days, time I remember so well. Why not bring back Gordon Lee, he's been ou
  17. Ashley and Wise at City, the only reason they are making an appearance is to finalise the Given deal. Given won't play tonight for fear he is injured and stops the transfer going ahead. Really pissed off that we are selling Given, back to the bad old days of selling our best players, hope we get decent dosh for him, got to be £12m +.
  18. Seriously, what do you think the outcome will be if we lose, will anything kick-off in the toon after the match?
  19. Sad to say, but I think we'll get nowt from either game. Despite the injuries to the players they will not be wound up enough and TBH I don't think they give a toss or even how important it is for fans and the need to stuff the Makems!
  20. More than likely that he won't sign anyway, according to the Journal.
  21. Seems to be a few short term contracts on the boil - to the end of the season. Is this a message or is it nothing more sinister than being a little more cautious than we have in the past?
  22. All of mine were spends in the London area.
  23. Looking through some old Footie books and found this pic.
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