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  1. I've had an image bouncing round my head for days now; a gravestone on Strawberry place reading "NUFC 1892 - End of the Week" For me it's too many months not just days, but I feel relaxed, and I'm off to re-instate my ST this after, and I have been determined under Assley that I woud spend nowt on NUFC, Mainly cos I think there could be a rush for tickets after Friday.
  2. Been advised there will be an announcement on Friday, also heard couple more interesting snippets, Shearer was definitely at the training ground when Assley turned up in his copter and expect John Carver and not Dowie. From a reliable sauce.
  3. Could you PM me the link please? me too please
  4. My info is from a reliable sauce who suggested to put the bet on for him, but no one will accept the bet, and I am not winding you up, my reliable source might be.
  5. It is always breaks on sky news on a wednesday at about 4.15pm Less than an hour to an announcement?
  6. I am surprised, no one will accept the bet, I wonder if they have inside information as well. It must be general knowledge.
  7. I'm off to the bookies, done and dusted by the weekend, shearer manager and taylor staying
  8. reported in the Northern Echo, any idea who the talks are with, or is it just assley and lardarse
  9. Heard that Taylor's medical has been delayed until Wednesday/Thursday, just a rumour
  10. NO matter what the attendance is, IT IS TOO MANY, why waste hard earned dosh on a game of no importance and even worse, LINE ASHLEY'S POCKETS.
  11. He's already twice proven himself to be a complete idiot business-wise. He's quite capable of anything. Ashley will hold out as long as possible so that this season is a write off, he probably views this as payback time.
  12. IMO it is now the case that the media has exhausted reporting the incredulous events of NUFC. There is only old news, nothing new to report and most are bored with it all. I don't think we will hear anything positive soon, not even this side of xmas.
  13. I signed up for the 3 year DDR scheme, it has since been cancelled and I have no intention of renewing, even if this lunatic sells, Shearer is appointed manager by the new owners etc, etc. IMO we are in for some even more shit in the short term, next couple of seasons. This period has been one of the worst in the 50 years I have supported NUFC but saying that 25,000 who have renewed is more than credible, it has been much worse in the time I have supported the Toon. The fact that we have sold 25k ST is pretty good considering! The lowest league attendance in recent history was for a
  14. After all the huffing and puffing in and around the media, the NUFC circus rolls on, and I think we will have more of the same this season, Ashley will be the owner and Kinnear the manager. Relieved I am no longer putting money into the Ashley empire, renewals of ST at an all time low can only serve to penalise the club, but I'm afraid I've had enough and hope this is another nail in the Ashley coffin. I wonder if this bastard is just playing with us and making us pay for all that the fans of NUFC have done in his time here.
  15. Don't know if it has been said in this thread cos I've not read it all, but John Carver walked into the reception at SJP around 4pm yesterday.Of course this could be old news by now. Talking to the staff at SJP and most are worried about their jobs, theres talk of upto 100 being made redundant.
  16. He is just not good enough. But we had nothing better at the time, too many injuries and too many under-performers. Could and should add Ryan Taylor as part of the question, Taylor is complete shite.
  17. IMO it would not be the answer, but for a lot of supporters that would certainly be the final straw. What has he achieved apart from pissing off lots of us, what does he or has he done for the Toon?
  18. I missed that, are you sure cos I'll ring him and ask him if he knows?
  19. saw macdonald leaving ground at 8.15pm approx we were next to him at traffic lights on barrack road.
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