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  1. I have also cancelled my direct debit, and yes I will miss the socialising that we have when we go to the match, but for a very long time the bit in the middle of matchdays (the 90 minutes) has really been pissing me off. I will more than likely go into town have a few beers and then go home happy, something that has been difficult to achieve lately. For Ashley and Llambias to feed us more crap just amazes me, I do not believe! I do not think there is any conspiracy to deliberately f+*k everything up, I've never believed that, why would he want to fail. He is a businessman and wealthy
  2. Amazing amount of money for being on the sick. Just pay him SSP see how he could manage, most of us only get SSP if we are off work, obscene amount of money and I am one who's helping to pay for it, but at least this is the last season that I will!
  3. FFS God help us, not that Wise would be a bad choice, but it would add to the entertainment on match days. imagine the shit he would get, not good, would be bad for morale, poisoned dwarf. only marginally better thab the shit we 've already got.
  4. The management are worried for the future of NUFC cos JFK is not going to look after team affairs, FFS what a nonsense, his win record is only one place better than the worst ever manager of NUFC, Ardiles. WTF are this lot on, we are supposed to be looking at the likes of Robson, Hoddle and Venables, where's the 5 year plan, surely there would be a contingency plan, better still go and get amanager like Bruce and pay the settlement figure, it just might be worth it. Calderwood and Hughton are not the answer, what have either of these achieved in management?
  5. This is revenue, wonder where any of them would be if you balanced it against debt. And does this mean we are in the top 20 of biggest clubs and where is the team we want to aspire to within 5 years, does that mean we'll have to drop a few places?
  6. Still got 2 years to run on his current deal, not arsed he's not that good anyway.
  7. Get FFS back.... What about Westwood the pirate and the dodgy solicitor McKeag
  8. got to be in the top 5, '92 europen championships etc.
  9. what has been said is nothing short of a load of bullshit.
  10. John Nacked ma Knee was certainly one of many, add John McGrath another hard man. Tommy Smith one of Bill Shankleys men of steel. "Some men have trophies in their cabinet. With Smith you would expect to see bones"
  11. Don't know how true this is http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/cobblers...role.4970015.jp
  12. Back on topic lads, new deal for Owen, why would you after the last few years he's put in at this club. Yes, he has the ability to score goals, but he has never quite managed that simple task called consistently. He is in the physio room too often, let's just put the money in the right place and get a replacement, shouldn't be too difficult to get someone with a better attendance record and at least that's a starting point. Before everyone shouts Owen scores goals, yes he does and is very good at scoring goals, but you have to be playing and on the pitch to at least stand a chan
  13. xmas tree, you missed this part of my post, and it clearly says, no more, this season is the last so long as this lot are running the club. I will be happy to spectate from my sofa for the forseeable future.
  14. As a member of NUSC but more importantly a lifelong supporter of NUFC I am looking for success, something that I feel will not be available in the next 5 years (that's the 5 year business model Lambias talks about). If we are to believe it all, Joe Kinnear will be part of it for at least the next 3 years, now how can that be progress and give us success. We will never get straight answers from this lot and as far as I can see, Ryder and co have just taken off from where Anal finished. So far, they show as much bite and determination you might get from a set of hens teeth. I hope I am
  15. I don't think it is, good contacts at the club reckoned there was no chance ashley would speak to press ever Yet another amount of bullshit and lies from daft Joe.
  16. Have I missed something or is this the press meeting that is to be published tomorrow and Wednesday?
  17. he should be smart enough to know not to come off with stupid soundbites about "whipping players" & "shearer and keegan coming back" etcetc the mans not got an ounce of common sense he reminds me of the stupid kid at school that could always be talked into doing daft things by the clever kids Even though he's being paid to say them? IMO daft Joe says what he believes people want to hear. This is typical behaviour of someone who needs to be liked. IMO Joe Kinnear is totally out of his depth and does not think for even one minute before opening his stupid mouth a
  18. Why don't we believe you Joe, can somebody let Ashley in on this little GEM??? Beggers belief, this lot are just fecking stupid.
  19. Why don't you just agree to at least discuss membership fees at the next committee meeting. I signed up. I'm an old timer and my subscription was a Fiver. No matter what, I don't think I would have signed up at a cost of a tenner. I most likely would want to wait to see how NUSC developed. I joined NUSC at the earliest opportunity, after the very first meeting, and I would be happy to offer my support providing it is nothing too physical. One thing must be clear that in any action we take those actions must make a difference. For example: I did not enter the stadium for
  20. We all know the size of insomnias bottom lip. The whole thing is a farce, why can't daft Joe rise above the jibes and shut his stupid mouth? JOE you are a wanker, why don't you just shut the f$%k up and act your age!!!
  21. Jonas is suspended for this game, and Taylor is just not good enough, wake up Joe, haven't you missed something, you muppet!!
  22. That's how it reads.............................100% dedicated, my arse, he couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag.
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