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Found 11 results

  1. Looking at the run ins, I think Brighton have the easiest; they're either facing teams who've nowt to play for (Norwich, QPR, Villa) or teams facing the drop (Birmingham, Bristol, Wigan, and Wolves). That said, they're facing Villa and Norwich who've been under performing and are better than their league positions and Brighton will also be facing teams fighting for their lives... We're next with 1 relegation candidate (Burton), 2 Promotion candidates (Leeds, Shef Wed) and then finally play 4 teams who will likely be on the beach (Barnsley, Cardiff, Ipswich and Preston). Come through the next 3 games with 6+pts and I'd fancy us to win the final 4 games against the teams on their holidays. Huddersfield have the toughest run in, I reckon. 3 sides who could well still be in the hunt for a promotion (Norwich*, Preston and Fulham) and 3 sides fighting against relegation (Forest, Wolves, Birmingham) only 2 holiday sides (Derby, Cardiff). 10 game form has us all on 1.9PpG, 6 game has us first (1.83PpG), Brighton second (1.5) and Huddersfield way back on (1.17) which is the same as Blackburn. If we revert to our Season's PpG for the final 7 we'll end on 95.68. Leeds and Fulham are the form teams around the Play Off spots going into the final 7 games. *Norwich are both a promotion battler and a holiday side because while they're still in the scrap now, by the time Brighton face them they won't be.
  2. Can poocastle win the title? NUFC to Score 0 - TheGingerQuiff 1 - 2 - wykikitoon, StoneColdStephenIreland, Anorthernsoul, Rayvin, Graing 3 - rogerbarton, The Fish, ewerk, barnabox, BenarPHa, Howay, Monkeys Fist, Dougle, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, Jintsay, @yourservice 4+ - Happy Face, adios, OTF, Ant, Dr Gloom, Kitman, Andrew, strawb, David Kelly NUFC to Concede 0 - rogerbarton, wykikitoon, Happy Face, ewerk, Ant, Dr Gloom, Kitman, Anorthernsoul, Rayvin, BenarPHa, Howay, Monkeys Fist, Andrew, strawb, David Kelly, Dougle, tooner, Jintsay, @yourservice 1 - The Fish, adios, StoneColdStephenIreland, barnabox, OTF 2 - MiddleAgeCool, Graing 3 - TheGingerQuiff 4+ -
  3. And it's live on Sky. NUFC To Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, David Kelly, TheGingerQuiff 2 - sammynb, Kitman, The Fish, Happy Face, StoneColdStephenIreland, Anorthernsoul, rogerbarton, Dougle 3 - Andrew, Park Life, barnabox, Rayvin, MiddleAgeCool, Dr Gloom, tooner, strawb, Graing, Monkeys Fist, Ant, ohhh_yeah, ewerk 4+ - wykikitoon, adios, Howay, OTF NUFC To Concede 0 - wykikitoon, Andrew, Howay, barnabox, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Kitman, The Fish, strawb, Graing, OTF, Anorthernsoul, Dougle 1 - sammynb, adios, Park Life, Rayvin, MiddleAgeCool, Dr Gloom, tooner, Happy Face, StoneColdStephenIreland, Monkeys Fist, rogerbarton, Ant, ohhh_yeah, ewerk, TheGingerQuiff 2 - 3 - 4+ - David Kelly
  4. And it's live on Sky, ffs! NUFC to Score 0 - wykikitoon, TheGingerQuiff 1 - rogerbarton, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Holden McGroin, Graing, OTF 2 - ewerk, The Fish, Rayvin, Park Life, strawb, tooner, Dougle, Ant, Happy Face, BenarPHa, ohhh_yeah 3 - sammynb, Andrew, StoneColdStephenIreland, Howay, Dr Gloom, MiddleAgeCool, Kitman, Jintsay, barnabox 4+ - David Kelly, @yourservice, LooneyToony, adios NUFC to Concede 0 - ewerk, wykikitoon, Andrew, The Fish, rogerbarton, Park Life, strawb, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Howay, tooner, Dr Gloom, Dougle, Ant, Happy Face, OTF, BenarPHa, TheGingerQuiff, barnabox, LooneyToony, adios 1 - sammynb, Rayvin, David Kelly, StoneColdStephenIreland, Holden McGroin, Graing, MiddleAgeCool, Kitman, Jintsay 2 - ohhh_yeah, @yourservice 3 - 4+ -
  5. Someone do the poll. Fish, put that comparison thing in. Noelie, when you're ready. Enjoy. NUFC to Score 0 - sammynb 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Happy Face, Graing, Dr Gloom, OTF, TheGingerQuiff 2 - acrossthepond, adios, Kitman, ewerk, Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, zico martin, strawb, rogerbarton, The Fish, Dougle, MiddleAgeCool, Bizza, LooneyToony, Rayvin 3 - Ant, Andrew, Tom, Anorthernsoul 4+ - wykikitoon NUFC to Concede 0 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Happy Face, Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, strawb, rogerbarton, The Fish, OTF, Dougle, wykikitoon, Andrew, MiddleAgeCool, Bizza, Tom, LooneyToony, Anorthernsoul 1 - acrossthepond, Kitman, ewerk, Ant, Graing, zico martin, Rayvin 2 - Dr Gloom, TheGingerQuiff 3 - sammynb 4+ - adios
  6. The Leeds game has been moved to good friday as it's being shown on Sky Sports. NUFC To Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Holden McGroin, @yourservice 2 - The Fish, Howay, tooner, rogerbarton, MiddleAgeCool, strawb, StoneColdStephenIreland, TheGingerQuiff, Happy Face, Anorthernsoul, OTF, LooneyToony, acrossthepond, Rayvin, barnabox 3 - Ant, wykikitoon, Andrew, scoobos, Kitman, BenarPHa, ewerk, ohhh_yeah 4+ - Dr Gloom, adios NUFC To Concede 0 - The Fish, Howay, Dr Gloom, Kevin Carr's Gloves, tooner, rogerbarton, wykikitoon, Andrew, scoobos, StoneColdStephenIreland, TheGingerQuiff, LooneyToony, acrossthepond, ewerk 1 - Ant, MiddleAgeCool, strawb, Kitman, Happy Face, Anorthernsoul, OTF, Rayvin, barnabox 2 - adios, BenarPHa, Holden McGroin, ohhh_yeah 3 - @yourservice 4+ -
  7. Taken from .com NUFC To Score 0 - 1 - wykikitoon, Holden McGroin, The Fish, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Graing, tooner, Happy Face, rogerbarton 2 - ewerk, Rayvin, Dr Gloom, StoneColdStephenIreland, barnabox, Kitman, strawb, LooneyToony, Tom, Ant, TheGingerQuiff 3 - OTF, Andrew, acrossthepond, Howay, Dougle, scoobos, ohhh_yeah 4+ - adios NUFC To Concede 0 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, OTF, Andrew, Howay, LooneyToony, Happy Face, Tom, rogerbarton, scoobos 1 - wykikitoon, ewerk, Rayvin, Holden McGroin, The Fish, Dr Gloom, StoneColdStephenIreland, acrossthepond, Graing, tooner, Dougle, Kitman, strawb, Ant, TheGingerQuiff, ohhh_yeah 2 - barnabox, adios 3 - 4+ -
  8. Another 'professional' if not exactly dazzling performance, but a better scoreline: 2-0 NUFC to Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, barnabox, @yourservice 2 - The Fish, Rayvin, Ant, rogerbarton, David Kelly, acrossthepond, OTF, Anorthernsoul, wykikitoon, BenarPHa, Tom, rob032, Dougle, LooneyToony, Happy Face 3 - Andrew, strawb, ewerk, Howay, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, Kitman, Graing, zico martin, TheGingerQuiff 4+ - StoneColdStephenIreland, adios, Dr Gloom, ohhh_yeah NUFC to Concede 0 - The Fish, Andrew, StoneColdStephenIreland, strawb, rogerbarton, adios, Kevin Carr's Gloves, David Kelly, acrossthepond, ewerk, Howay, OTF, Anorthernsoul, MiddleAgeCool, wykikitoon, Kitman, Tom, Graing, Dr Gloom, Dougle, LooneyToony, Happy Face, zico martin, TheGingerQuiff 1 - Rayvin, Ant, tooner, BenarPHa, barnabox, rob032, ohhh_yeah 2 - 3 - @yourservice 4+ -
  9. We should Smash these bastards NUFC to Score 0 - adios 1 - Holden McGroin, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dr Gloom, Happy Face 2 - The Fish, rogerbarton, acrossthepond, Kitman, tooner, barnabox, Graing, OTF, LooneyToony, ohhh_yeah 3 - wykikitoon, Rayvin, Andrew, strawb, Howay, David Kelly, scoobos, MiddleAgeCool, Ant, Park Life 4+ - TheGingerQuiff, StoneColdStephenIreland, Tom, Anorthernsoul, ewerk, Dougle NUFC to Concede 0 - wykikitoon, Rayvin, rogerbarton, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dr Gloom, Andrew, strawb, Howay, David Kelly, StoneColdStephenIreland, scoobos, tooner, Tom, Graing, Anorthernsoul, Happy Face, LooneyToony, ewerk 1 - The Fish, Holden McGroin, acrossthepond, Kitman, TheGingerQuiff, barnabox, MiddleAgeCool, Ant, OTF, Dougle, ohhh_yeah 2 - Park Life 3 - 4+ - adios
  10. :nufc: HOWAY!! Let us willy wave to the title! NUFC to Score 0 - ewerk 1 - Holden McGroin, Kevin Carr's Gloves, TheGingerQuiff, Anorthernsoul, barnabox, @yourservice 2 - StoneColdStephenIreland, Kitman, Rayvin, zico martin, The Fish, Dr Gloom, Happy Face, acrossthepond, Ant, ToonMarshy, David Kelly, rogerbarton, Lackie92, LooneyToony, Graing 3 - Howay, Tom, Andrew, strawb, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, wykikitoon 4+ - adios, OTF, ohhh_yeah, Dougle, scoobos NUFC to Concede 0 - Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, Kitman, Rayvin, zico martin, OTF, The Fish, Kevin Carr's Gloves, strawb, Happy Face, Ant, tooner, Anorthernsoul, David Kelly, rogerbarton, Lackie92, scoobos, wykikitoon, barnabox, LooneyToony 1 - adios, Tom, Andrew, Holden McGroin, Dr Gloom, acrossthepond, MiddleAgeCool, Dougle, Graing 2 - ohhh_yeah, ewerk, TheGingerQuiff, ToonMarshy, @yourservice 3 - 4+ -
  11. Yes that is the plural, the collective noun I wasn't sure of so guessed. @@Meenzer may or may not know? Team news: Dunno. Anita to play somewhere else probably. In goal? Stream news: 95.4FM Colour scheme news: Black and white Siem news: Fucked still mate Can we win away from home?
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