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The Dump

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I always used to save the random crap i found on the net on my desktop and then put it where it belonged.


Then I got fed up having to do that all the time and my desktop being clattered, so made this folder: The Dump ... in which i'd put all the rubbish the internet would throw at me... So we're talking football vids, porn, footy photos, arty photos, mp3s, photos of Britney's flange, funny pictures with cats in them.. you name it, it's probably in there.


Anyone else do that?





... Anyway we're now 6 months later and the dump is nearly 9Gigas and contains over 6,000 files ... don't really know what to do :)



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Nah I think I've got some sort of OCD when it comes to that, everything must be in its right folder as soon as its downloaded, otherwise I'd never find anything.

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Facinating thread!


Unless you's are all gonna post the best bits of your own personal porn collections I don't need to know the names of your folders for collecting crap!!!! :)

6493ff2.jpg (random file from said folder)


i was more concerned about what to to with it now, maybe it's one of those things you live with... it's gone to far now.

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