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FAO-The lad who loves Garroway

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Step your fucking game up :razz:


KATE GARROWAY says her fan mail is too clean.


“I demand filth!” laughs the GMTV presenter. “I don’t get anything rude actually. Maybe I’m too nice. I just get romantic poetry and all that as opposed to full-on sauciness.”


And the sexy 39-year-old admits she is quite proud of her boobs and likes to wear outfits that show her cleavage.


“I think you can only do one or the other and either get your legs or your boobs out,” she told Star magazine. “And I’ve got rather short stumpy legs.”


Kate, who gave birth to baby Darcy 16 months ago, is back on top form but reveals she was in danger of losing her assets after shedding too much weight, leaving TV bosses worried.


“They were a little concerned when I started losing quite a lot of weight recently,” she says. “When I did start to put weight on they said “God you look so much better!” I dropped to a size six jeans and I looked terrible.”

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Aye nice chebs, and at least she realised that she looked dreadful when she was skinny. She's basically benefitting from being the first vaguely attractive thing that a bloke sees on the telly in the morning though cos she's definitely nowt special.

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Guest stevieintoon
she's definitely nowt special.

She's like a teacher you fancied like fuck at school, but then you get older and think she looks more like a dinner lady than someone that should be the object of sexual desire.

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I don't get the hype personally.


Is that meant to support my point like? Not saying she isn't nice, just there are loads of famous women much better looking imo.


Not even the best on GMTV - award goes to the lovely Andrea




Would also suggest that Suzanne from BBC beats the lovely Garrawench



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