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WTF Happened to Jenna Jameson

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If think the difference is that in one photo shes plastered in makeup and looks terrible and in the other shes skinny and looks terrible.


Either way she looks terrible.

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Guest stevieintoon
Shes not looking too bad in the first link, and she looks pretty horrendous in the 2nd link!

Understatement of any century bar none. Maradona ye naa he had canny enough game against England in 86 like, seen players have worse games anyway.

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Those pics are shocking (the latest Jenna and Amy ones).


Plastic boobs aside, Jenna used to have a fantastic body. It's gone from, what a waist to what a waste! And Amy Winehouse actually look attractive when she had a bit of meet on her ribs.


Sad state of affairs if you ask me.

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Cocaine would be my guess.


10 years ago?

You've lost me there Sima. Was the second photo taken 10 years ago?


Battling an addiction 10 years ago.

Jenna Jameson was? Oh, right. She looks like she's on something that suppresses the appetite anyway.

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