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Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!

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Basically i need a Cat.


A kitten to be precise!


where do i get one and how much?


we'l look after it and that and it goes o a good home after unu but iol lose agood "££££££££££ if i dont gewt one to livw with us foe MONTHS

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Now Tom, you're an adult now and you need to be responsible and having a cat just because of a bet isn't the responsible adult thing to do.

Besides when whoever it was bet you you couldn't get an pussy, a cat wasn't what they were referring to!

Tell them you can get smo's cock for a fiver.

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Were you drinking last night tom?


very fucking heavily



and now i need a cat by next Thursday!!


it'l get a good home and stuff, it really will!!




Any cat, or have you lost one which you need to replace with one which looks like it?


Explain the story :lol:


Any cat will do,


oh fuck hold on..




err it needs to be black and white,


with a slight white patch,


after many intoxicants and chemical disasters somehow i need a cat.


you know when you wake up like totally wasted and cant remember the night before at all


well i need a cat!!

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