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Ball boys

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Not just ball "people" but doing everything you can as a club to win games. I've moaned about this before but today I think it will be extra noticeable.


Our ball balls are crap, they are basically kids whos parents pay for the priviledge of having little Dwayne or Tanya sitting at the side of a freezing cold pitch and making a tit of themselves if the ball comes near. Balls go out for a corner and some kid gets it then passes it to Given, goes for a throw in and (as was witnessed last season) some 14 year lass in huge hoop earings totters over gets it and then giddily walks it over to Given and hands him it.


A few times Ive witnessed Given having to go running and vaulting over the hoardings to retrieve the ball himself, how much would that cost us if he broke his leg????


No attempt to keep the game moving when we so often need it to and more importantly no spoiling tactics with the opposition. Seemingly Boltons kids were told not to wipe the ball dry before giving it to Delap at throw in time. Man U's will regularly take their time collecting the ball and have been seen to comically drop it at the last second before giving it to the opposition. All things that in a multi million pound business such as this we should be doing.


I say (yet again) that we stop this pointless money making scheme and employ the juniors to be proper ball boys, know what they're doing, recognise who needs the ball and where, it should be placed on the corner spot ready for a player to take the corner. It should be thrown directly to a player for a throw in, nice and clean and dry for our players, wet and slippy for the opposition.


As for other things, seemingly Man U moved their advertising hordings in for the Stoke game to stop Delap getting a good run, Bolton had players warming up behind him to put him off, we will probably remove the first two rows of seats to give him extra room :birthday:



Rant over, take heed of what I say today, just watch what happens every time the ball goes out of play.

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They could do with a bit of that kid's passion.


The Portugal winger – later sent off for a second bookable offence – earned the admiration of the match officials for not reacting to the aggressive gesture.


Nice to know its admirable not to kick kids in the head these days :birthday:

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Fuck the ball boys



You'll get locked up for that kind of thing.

I get locked up anyways, so I may aswell get locked up while having fun. :birthday:

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