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"There are three parties now interested in buying the club from Mike Ashley of which Barry Moat is and one thing in common for all of them is that the asking price is £100 million all ways round," a reliable source close to the Newcastle board told Telegraph Sport."



Can someone please explain how he can still demand £100m for the club? That was a valuation he placed on it before he sold £25million worth of assets.


The more i read the more I'm convinced that he is asking £100m and the repayment of the £100m he plowed in to the club (which may now be a £75million).

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Left after an hour and spoke to senior players. Seems odd to come all that way for nothing. Some things saying it was because the players were unhappy about another senior player leaving (Duff). Might be to tell them that the sale is or is not on (though not sure why he would do that). SSN are still saying he is in talks with Moat but that there are two others.


Why do I get the feeling Friday will come and we'll be no further forward?

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I will believe it when i see it unfortunatly ive heard enough over the past couple of months to know not to believe anything , Ashley is sitting beside moat on saturday the sky sports have said that he is still not the favourite to take over, So i think that Ashley will keep the club for now, Mark my words this conversation will still be going on long into next week or until he has sold all the players he can then take the club of the market that way he can keep the fans happy with hopes of a takeover, I really hope not but the optamism for my club will take some getting back COME ON THE MAGS

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