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Website visists to be stored for a year in UK

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They've been doing it for ages. I reckon this is so they don't get into trouble with the EU and so on...



Theresa May is to propose a major extension of the surveillance state when she publishes legislation requiring internet companies to store details of every website visited by customers over the previous year."














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Back to the safe good old days of the gratton catalogue for me [emoji6]

Can't even spell that right. How were you ever a titan of business?! The names of your spaff rags should be indelibly etched on your mind.


Also, I'd have expected you to be more Gratin, than Grattan ;)

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Might have a good chance to take them to EU court for Human Rights.


• the right to life;
• the right to a fair hearing in civil and criminal matters;
• the right to respect for private and family life;
• freedom of expression;
• freedom of thought, conscience and religion;
• the right to an effective remedy;
• the right to the peaceful enjoyment of possessions;
• and the right to vote and to stand for election

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So what kind of website are you going to have to visit to be considered suspect? I'm guessing these paedophile terrorist type website are already pretty obscurely hidden. And if your standard copper can see the basic domain without warrant, isn't it going to open up a can of worms like "Jimmy two doors down goes on Gaydar, I wonder if his missus knows" and what not. Why doesn't May just buy a fucking dildo instead it'll be much cheaper. This'll do nowt but stir up local rumour mills etc about who's up to what, and nothing to deter terrorism or Johnson's.

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