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Work Christmas parties

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They've invited me after all! Two days' notice to arrange a trip to Berlin. I already have plans this weekend. Passive-aggressive sulk mode engaged. :good:


Masterful play by your office. Leave it late so that you likely already have plans, but they've still technically invited you, so you can't be overtly aggrieved about it.

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It's all change for Christmas this year as my firm got taken over by a Scottish company. 


We had a meal at Barluga last Friday (average) with colleagues from the Glasgow and Edinburgh offices. Then on 16 December we have the pleasure of getting on a 7.30am train to Aberdeen (4 hours) wearing our party clothes, meal/speeches/drinks in a 5* hotel then the train back at about 6.30pm. They've booked us onto the quiet coach on the way back FFS. :lol: Honestly can't really be bothered anymore but it's free and a Friday off work.

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Going to Aberdeen for a Xmas party and not even staying overnight? :lol:


We would've had to pay for that bit and payday is the following Monday so I declared myself OUT. :lol:


alreetlike jill! where have you been hiding? 


As if I hadn't been on here for like 4 months man. :lol: My loafing standards are slipping. 

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Its pressure though. You get frowned upon when the company puts on an occasion and you make your excuses.


I like the bosses and most of the staff here. They just can't handle their ale.

Mine was last night and I didn't go. You need to get better at not giving a shit.
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Had a cracking night last night. Some absolute states out like, police and ambulances all over the shop. At one point a paralytic bloke feel over and nearly brained himself

6feet In front of 3 city wardens. They all just stood leaning against the wall with their arms folded leaving a couple of lasses I was with to get him up and check he was ok. The council might as well save its money

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