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2 hours ago, ewerk said:

The oneupmanship in this thread is disgusting. ;) 

Hey, I just provided the keyboard shortcut to your solution; your solution being the right one! ;)

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Word up Geeks

Is there a way of excel looking along a column in excel, seeing a value and adding up those values?

I.e I have a list of names of people and every time that name appears I want a cell to add up the total number that appears.

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1 hour ago, ewerk said:

=COUNTIF (range, criteria)

The range obviously being the column and the criteria being the name of the bitch you want dead. Also use " " around the name.

Top banana, worked a treat, thanks

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On 8/15/2019 at 14:39, wykikitoon said:

Maybe fucking not :(



I would expect the 05/08/2019 and 08/08/2019 not to be formatted.  I.e red italic bold.

Any ideas where I've fucked up?

Isn't your formula asking Highlight this when Today() is greater than 20? Which all days after about 1990 are to Excel?

It's 8:35pm on a Sunday so I might be wrong, but I'd "highlight the cells greater" than "TODAY()+20"

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17 minutes ago, ewerk said:

Mate, at 8.35pm on a Sunday evening you’re trying to figure out an excel problem on an Internet forum that was asked and solved six weeks ago.

Time to question your life choices.

I see no proffered solution, fuckknuckle.

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Righto @ewerka new one for you.

I have text in one cell (someone's initials) and a calculated date in another cell.  I want to place in ANOTHER cell, the total number of days the person has full for the month.  How the chuff do I do that? 

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I've noticed that in your initial cells the data is arranged vertically and in the second set of cells it's horizontal.

If you calculate it initially vertically you can copy the results and use paste special and select values and transpose options. Without using absolute references there's no way to transpose the formula that I can think of.

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9 hours ago, wykikitoon said:




I want to be able to get the total number of days of work added into the cell below the initals.

So AB in that list would have 5 days so far etc.

Still not 100% what you're after, but if it's simply how many days AB has worked like Gloom says, either rearrange your 2nd table so it's a list and copy the formula across from the total Days column, orrrrrr just use a vlookup

So say you've got those tables side by side and "Action By" is in cell A1 it would look like;


F2 is your reference, in this case "AB" in the second table

A1:D5 is where you're looking, in this case the 1st table

4 is the column you want the number returned from, in this case "Total Days"

False is the range your willing to accept, but because you're looking for AB and not any other variation on that type False


=vlookup(What I'm looking for, where I'm looking,which column, this thing specifically)

If you're copying this formula into more columns lock the range you're looking in by putting a $ before the letter and before the number like so -> $A$1:$D$5

You could use match index, but vlookups are fine for now.


if this sin't what yo're after, you'll have to explain better. :finger:

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