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  1. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    You owe me a new keyboard. This one is now covered in a tea / spit cocktail!
  2. Excel People

    Hey, I just provided the keyboard shortcut to your solution; your solution being the right one!
  3. Excel People

    If you're changing an existing formula, click on the cell reference in the formula bar and press F4. This will add the "$" for you.
  4. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Maybe but... Forget it's Newcastle for one moment.. Any new super league would need to be generating at least the £150m TV monies which is what the Premiership winner received last season for the lowest positioned team in that new competition otherwise any of the current top six clubs could stay and potentially dominate the Premiership with lower costs in a similar way Celtic has in the Scottish leagues; they become the big fish in a smaller pond. If you could invest to get into that league as one of the 16 with a no relation clause, which is what the proposal is, you could make a push for that membership then sit back with minimal investment from that point forward since it doesn't matter if you come bottom as you can't be kicked out. In theory if he stuck 150m* into the club he would see a bigger return in three seasons than what he has today with much less risk. That isn't investing in a football club, it's solely a business opportunity. Ashley has a history of doing this; investing large sums for a long term windfall (HoF, Debenhams, Evans etc.) - this wouldn't be any different and I really do think he'll have looked at it the moment it was mentioned in the press. (*That isn't what I think we need, just an example number for the purpose of the return on investment.) For this January he'll invest only enough to avoid relegation because he doesn't want to lose money in the Championship. What I think he'll do is bring in a big name just to say "we now have X playing for the club, I've listened and look at how I've brought in for us." This is the same power tactic he's done before when he brought in Shearer and Benítez as we struggled with relegation in the vain hope he'd be seen as a the hero.
  5. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I agree which is why I think he'll have looked at it when it was announced. If the expected minimum return for a team in that league is greater than what he expects to receive in the Premiership then I could see him spending enough to get into the league and given they've said those first eleven teams would be automatically excluded from any relegation, he'd see it as profit since he'd have a team which was always there regardless of how little he then invested.
  6. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I think he see's it as a cup run with the potential of a poor return (about 4.3 million I believe) if you don't do well on top of the investment to get a Champion League position. He doesn't give a crap about the clubs success and looks at the ROI before anything else taking a steady 100m for 17th with little or no investment rather than gambling x millions for a higher position with the risk of not making it back. Would a £20m striker got us the extra 30 points we would have needed to get to a Champions League spot? If we failed then the TV money wouldn't have covered that investment. He only cares about the money he can take out of the club and he doesn't get that spending it.
  7. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Not a makem lol. The past eleven years haven't past me by and the thing I've seen from Ashley is his greed. He doesn't care if we're 10th or 17th because the TV money that comes in is still profit in his eyes and the 15 million difference last season between those positions would have been at the front of his mind when he looked at how much we had to spend this season. The proposed super league will be even money and he's greedy little palms will be already sweaty as he thinks about how he can get some of that pie and whether it will be worth the expense. He will spunk up cash in January because he knows how much we lost last time round in the Championship and because I genuinely think he believes making a grand gesture will appease people. "Look at what I'm doing for the club!"
  8. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Ashley will dip in his pocket in January but not because of any protests. (a) As he did when he appointed Benítez, Shearer and Keegan, he loves playing the benefactor with some grand gesture thinking it will win people over. (b) He wants us in the Premier league because of the money. (c) With the recent talk of a European super league, he'll want to be part of that because more money. I fully expect that he's asked how it gets to be a founder and will have started pricing it out.
  9. Toon V Watford

    I thought it would be a feeling of joy rather one of relief.
  10. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    What has happened to our midfield and defensive? Last season we couldn't score but at least the midfield was tight-ish and the back four were pretty solid. We're now playing like we need fixing everywhere with stupid mistakes all over the field.
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    While I don't trust your sentiment, Burton is a 6,900 stadium and they only received and allocation of around 1700 tickets. I bet the people of Burton are positively giddy that 3,300 Sunderland fans are going to wandering the streets for two hours.
  12. Rafa Benitez

    It's just a waiting game till we get to see the NUFC press statement thanking him for all his hard work and success during his tenure and wishing him all the best for the future. Expect it 13th May 2019.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    Basically management speak 101 to blame subordinates for failure because they didn't step-up to the challenge set out without getting anyone to agree to it before hand. If they don't hit the 20k they aren't true supporters and if they do then they are, although it has no impact to what the actual result will be. Idiots will lap this shit up. source - I've used this and seen it used as a motivational tool to make people work harder because it makes the individual feel as if they've let others down if they don't without any risk to me. It's pretty much a dick move.
  14. Rafa Benitez

    The argument that he'll be far from his family is a weak one. Without even looking at long term charters, putting on a private helicopter from Liverpool to London is only 10k a week return and less than two hours. The figures he'd move for would make this peanuts if it was a game changer.
  15. mackem messageboard gold

    And a 'massive lads fan', totally loyal to them, who would love to leave a premiership team and move to a league one side who couldn't be sold and had to be given away in the end.

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