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Premier League is back

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Hi guys - thought you might enjoy this:


To mark the return of football in England today, we’ve released our latest podcast episode which includes an interview with former Premier League & England International, and Sky Sports Legend, John Salako.

We also discuss our current PL dream 5-a-side team!!



Enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts on it? Agree with our 5-a-side teams!?



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There aren't any "guys" on here...in point of fact the actual word is banned from the forum. 


This board is populated mostly by bitter middle aged communists who resent anyone using over familiar Americanisms to address them. Please refrain from doing so. 


Acceptable ways of greeting:




or at Christmas/Easter/bank holidays 


"fellow cunts" 


Best regards





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32 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

John Salako is persona-non-grata round here after he dared reject Kevin Keegan.

How man! 
We didn’t drive the country over a cliff for Blue Passports just so radical Commies like you can throw Johnny Foreigner language about all willy-nilly. 

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Fuck me that's an old picture. What little hair there was has pretty much all migrated to the chin, of which there remains one, so fuck off with your fat jokes.


Still, you're right. I'm the podcaster round here, so this kid can fucking fuck off.

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