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Consulting Make It Rain GIF by SHOWTIME


FIFA have had to diversify their money making now that it's not as easy to accept envelopes under the table to host the tournament in illogical and undeserved locations. More games, more money, simple.

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1 hour ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Are FIFA still “championing” the saving of the environment as well, I wonder?


After cooling the outdoors, when the outdoors was an actual desert, it's safe to say that shark has been spectacularly jumped by a bolting horse smoking a fatty.  

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More from his speech.


"There were discussions with Visit Saudi, but in the end these did not lead to a contract. So it was a storm in a tea cup."


"But having said that, FIFA is an organisation made up of 211 countries. There is nothing wrong with taking sponsorships from Saudi Arabia, China, United States of America, Brazil or India."


"When it comes to Australia, they have trade with Saudi Arabia (worth) $1.5-billion per year. This doesn’t seem to be a problem? There is a double standard which I really do not understand. There is no issue, there is no contract, but of course we want to see how we can involve Saudi sponsors, and those from Qatar, in women's football generally."


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