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Women's World Cup

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1 hour ago, Rayvin said:


What's weird about this in particular is his claiming that she did...

What’s weirder is that he rotated her head 180 degrees to kiss her.



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7 hours ago, Rayvin said:


What's weird about this in particular is his claiming that she did...

Not remotely weird to think an older man in a position of authority would take advantage of a young woman and lie about it. 

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6 hours ago, RobinRobin said:

Not remotely weird to think an older man in a position of authority would take advantage of a young woman and lie about it. 


For absolute clarity, you know I'm not saying that what you have outlined there is weird, right? :lol:

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This is going to be long and I'll start at the beginning so you know what this character is like.


The problem is that Luis Rubiales should have been expelled a long time ago for many things that have been known for years, but nobody has ever done anything.

A couple of years ago, it became known that Luis Rubiales (who is also the head of the referees in Spain) earned more money due to a clause in his contract if Real Madrid and Barcelona finished 1st and 2nd in the League (this is because after the Super Cup from Spain the first two play it in Saudi Arabia and it was so stipulated). How is the head of the referees going to earn more money if two teams from the League are the first two?


In what also affects me (as a follower of Atlético) a few years ago, in the 2018-2019 season, Barcelona was first and Atlético second (Real Madrid was already third and with practically no chance of becoming second) . But we had a positive, upward dynamic and it seemed that we could be champions. Suddenly, in two consecutive days, we were robbed in an incredible way. We lost against Betis. Morata had a goal disallowed for offside (which was later shown not to be offside) and he was not awarded a very clear penalty (I leave the link with the summary of the match here).


In the following week, the movie was the same. This match was a mess. We played against Real Madrid and we are used to Real Madrid always stealing, but what we saw was incredibly strange. First, a foul on Vinicius outside the area, the referee interpreted a penalty. Later, they disallowed another goal from Morata for offside (again, the technology, with the game over, showed that it was enabled) and minutes later a penalty from Casemiro for kicking Morata in the knee was not awarded a penalty. We lost six points in two days and Barcelona went away.


But when we returned to having a positive dynamic and we were facing Barcelona, who were not doing so well, with 6 games to go before the end of the League... The strangest thing happened. If we won that day we were going to get 4 points behind them, but with a very easy schedule compared to theirs. Diego Costa was sent off in minute 25. Direct red. Supposedly for insulting the referee. Diego swears and swears (and I have a mutual friend with him) that he did not insult the referee. The Federation said that it had an audio where it was heard, and that they would publish it. They have never published it. And in fact, a few months ago, a professional referee from the League said that it was impossible for there to be audio. Diego Costa was sent off for nothing demonstrable and the sanction was 8 games. He couldn't play any of the remaining ones and even missed some of the following season. Atleti lost and ran out of options to fight the League.


The serious thing came when an audio of Rubiales was leaked, just before those two games against Madrid and Betis, in which he spoke with his second in the federation, and said: "Poor little ones from Atleti (I really call us Pathetic from Madrid) who think they can win the League. We'll do something so that doesn't happen."



It has been discovered that Rubiales organizes parties and orgies with the money of the federation. Nothing has happened. It has been discovered that he recorded conversations with a pen with an integrated microphone to senior government officials and that he even had access to the mobile of the president of the government. Nothing has happened.


It has been discovered that he did a business with Piqué so that his company was the one that sold the rights to the Spanish Super Cup in Arabia (when Piqué was still a footballer, he played for Barcelona and played that Super Cup (influence peddling) .


He is a character who does not deserve to be in charge of anything.

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On the case of Jenni Hermoso... It's not just the kiss on the mouth anymore.


The guy kissed two other women on the team (Olga and Athenea) even if it wasn't on the mouth. He lifted Athenea herself onto his shoulders.

In the box, right next to the Queen of Spain, he touched his parts to celebrate the victory.

He kissed Jenni Hermoso, and for him it wasn't doing anything wrong. Yesterday he said that the kiss was consented, although the player says no. I really think it's impossible to know.


At the airport, he recorded a video of himself apologizing, but says he did nothing wrong. Then, the Federation put out a statement with Jenni's words in which she said that she did not care and that she wanted to move on and it was later shown that she did not say those words.


Rubiales pressured the player throughout the flight to Spain to please record a video together exonerating him, and she refused. Jenni's brother says they've been threatened.

Yesterday, Rubiales gave a conference that I regret that you do not understand Spanish, because it is not wasted. He says that, on the podium, it was Jenni who took him in her arms, lifted him up, told him he was a crack, and that Rubiales asked if she could kiss him and she said yes.


And today, the Federation has published some images where you can see how Jenni does hold Rubiales in her arms (it looks totally Photoshopped and even Rubiales seems to have three feet).


The case is very dark. But that gentleman should be expelled yes or yes.

Apparently, yesterday he fired many of his assistants and only left his right-hand man in charge, because they say that if the government enters, they could only remove him from office for a few months. The expulsion can only be done by the Federation (and they are not going to do it, it seems) and his intention is that when those few months have passed, he will return to his position.

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Here's hoping this brings about his comeuppance. Sounds like a typical Football official, who thinks they are above the rules and bigger than the game.

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