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Student TV


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I can't stand it. I'm fed up. I can't wait to go back to Uni next month.


Student TV, if I'm on a day off then it's a bit of Sky Sports News, followed by the One O'Clock News/Look North and then Neighbours followed by an afternoon kip/ listening to radio 5/CDs/MP3 player whilst in bed.


If I'm in on a morning, but come back in the afternoon then I'll get in and have some dinner while I watch Neighbours, and then it's the same thing.


Sometimes I'll watch a bit of Cash In The Attic. That's alright. I don't like Diagnosis Murder though.

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Diagnosis Murder is brilliantly shite. It fills all the possible stereotypes.


-The doctors spends more time solving crimes than their day job.

-There's a young, naive sidekick with 80s hair who makes godd suggestions but not as good as the main sleuth.

-It's never the obvious killer.

-They always catch them before they can do some other dastardly deed. It's never like "Damn, if we were 2 minutes earlier she wouldn't have stabbed his eyes out with that toothpick".


It's Doogie Hauser meets A Touch of Frost meets an apocalyptic budget cut.

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I normally just stick the music channels on.




I was flicking around the music channels the other day, and MTV actually were actually showing a music video. I was shocked :D




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I'm in a house that has... brace yourselves lads





it's the holy grail of student tv, 24 hour sports, football for the most part, even if it's AzabeijanU19's Vs Kyrgystan Women, it's still fucking ACE BISCUITS


in fact, balls to you lot I'm off home to watch it now.

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Oooh Damn damn damn you all.


Haven't got Sky and therefore the telly here is just incredibly confusing. Sometimes get a bit of football, but the usual shows are just skid marks on the pants of crap telly. It's not just the language, of which I can understand a fair bit - not a lot mind, but can get by - it's the fact that it's all poo.


There is however a good deal of attractive women on them though, no Sonias or Bruce the Mooses here.

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