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Over-used videogame cliches


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1) Oh look, you've been captured and lost all your weapons. Go and get them all back again over the course of the next few levels.


2) Obligatory sewer level


3) You've defeated the boss!... In his human form. Watch as he now predicably turns into a big alien/demon/mechanoid thing, leaving you wonder why he didn't just attack you like that in the first place.


4) This route is blocked by boiling hot steam. Go and turn the big "turn off the steam" cog, like you've done in every other game.


5) Weapons in first person shooters - pistol -> shotgun -> Machine gun -> rocket launcher -> sniper rifle -> laser/alien weapon. They must buy in bulk.


6) All you need is this gem to defeat evil. Oh no, it's shattered and parts of it are now in ice world, fire world, candy world, halloween world, hi-tech world...


Anyone got any more?

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Most high security buildings you have to infiltrate have air vents that are easily accessable, are wide enough for you to traverse comfortably and can take you to all manner of useful destinations. Oh, and for some inexplicable reason, they usually contain ammunition/first aid kits etc. How did they get there? Do rats hoard them?


Your enemies are kind enough to leave barrels of gasoline next to any obstacle you have to clear.


Your character has no difficulty moving despite carrying a pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, machine gun, sniper rifle, knife, rocket launcher, alien laser weapon, mine detector etc...

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CONGRATULATIONS! You just earned 100 coins. Yes after countless fun stamping on enemies heads or chucking some huge vegetables with a smiley face on, you can now go up another level in health.


Only the first four qualify. Oh what a disappointment, I finished 5th so I have to use up one of my three lives to reach round 57 of the tournament. Wow finally I managed it, having used up all my lives. Funny, I just noticed there are a few more than 4 racers in this race. How did the rest get there?


So some braindead blonde princess dressed in pink has just been kidnapped by a huge spiky turtle/ugly man of some distant tribe. Guess what? It's up to you, yes you to save her. So even though you have nothing whatsoever to do with her and care even less, something tells you you're the only one who can because everyone else in the kingdom is a lazy sod.


You've just heard reports some shady characters are going to destroy the world and someone stop them before a huge earthquake kills everyone. Your journey starts with you, a 17 year-old from a distant village and your friend whose ignorant parents back you to fulfil your quest and save the earth once more. Notice how as soon as you leave home you'll bump into some easy to beat enemies, every few seconds. Just when you’re trying to figure something out then BANG – Zombie appeared! Back to the inn you go and waste some more of your hard-earned cash just to do that again. Whilst you’re at it you may meet some attractive female to join your crew. Usually she’s absolutely hopeless except for the fact she can cast spells and heal you from her powers she inherited from the distant tribe she was brought up in. Over the course of your adventure you’ll notice certain changes and you’ve grown from a “Forksman level 1” to a “Brave Dashing Knight level 37”, with such other subtle changes that only killing monsters can do.




I could add more, but can't be bothered really.

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