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    No-one’s interested in Sunderland, including theIr own fans. If they weren’t talking about us they’d have nothing to do except shit on the seats they replaced free for their fraudulent owners.
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    After some painstaking research I’ve finally managed to pinpoint exactly when the deal went tits up
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    It is not dead as long as there isn’t a coffin carried through the streets of Newcastle.
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    So the Premier League got exactly what they wanted. Think that’s me done with football like. What’s the fucking point of watching a football club whose owner has took the absolute piss for 13 years and had actually sold the fucking club, imagine his apathy now? On top of that I’m not watching a brand that is literally telling us we’re going to be shite, they just sat on this deal and frustrated until this happened purely to keep the Liverpool, Man Utd etc wankfest club going. Sorry like this is a complete joke.
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    "Well diary, long time no see, ah was just about to set off for graft as some clever cunt, or so-called clever cunt had intraduc, introjuice, err brought in social distancing into Thomson house and we all had to go back after dialling it in through the lockdown until ah mentioned us all bunching up as we all started together so ah managed to get staggered starts so ah was still in the house when me batphone rang. "Hello, Lee Ryder, award winning sports journalist, Newcastle chronicle, speak to me." It was pigeon chest Campbell. "Alreet, Lee? We were ah'll on WhatsApp yesterday and we're gannin to Benidorm on Tuesday. Ah'll the lads are up for it, last minute but are you up for it? Mala said he'd ring you but ah seen him this morning in the toon getting a new phone, he dropped his old one doon the bog so ah said ahe'd phone you instead." Fucking get in, ah thought. Ah could do with a lads piss up so was on it quicker than Brucie giving a vague NUFC recollection as a bairn. Ah got into work at half ten and moaned on about the mettees being off again. Ah put me holidays in with Gibbo and then bumped into Mark Douglas who told me that Saint-Maximin had won the Ronny Gill player of the year. The award was always done at the end of the season and it would've been me handing it over this year but ah was going to be full of Cruzcampo in Benidorm with the lads and hopefully balls deep in some lucky senoritas so wouldn't be able to hand it over to the French wing wizard. Mark asked if I was ok to do it and this is what separates the Ryder's from the Douglas's of this world. "Aye, nee bother wor kid, ah'll pick the trophy up when ah go on me dinner today." Douggy asked me why and ah filled him up with some shite about needing a week to psyche mesel up and using the trophy as inspiration. Anyways, ah headed up to the cathedral on the hill on me dinner hour, handed over the award to the Gallic electric eel, Allan whilst getting a piss easy 'over the moon to be here' story and making sure le magnifique froggy swapped his phone number for the chronicle trophy so ah had another toon superstar on tap, up here for thinking, doon there for dancing and yet another example for any budding regional sports journalist of how the fuck to get stuff done! Lol. Anyways, bags to pack, Kamagra to get. Laters."
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    No, I don't need an excuse to laugh at Miguel Delaney.
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    Reminds me of when my 3yr old wanted to be Arsenal and Mingenal. So proud.
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    Noelie remembers when it meant he could go round the Caribbean in a man-o-war, drinking rum and stealing Spanish gold
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    I don’t know why he doesn’t just sell to the other bidder who’s offered £50m more than the Saudis.
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    Nothing that a sensible chat with two sensible people over a sensible packet of Himalayan sea salt crisps can't sort out.
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    This. I have to admit that I am getting more agitated about it every day. Being stuck at home with a (normal) cold doesn't help, neither being legally offended by the process. The conduct from the PL stinks as much as the comments from a lot of journalists lauding the outcome of PIF conceding defeat. It doesn't have to be corruption but there are certainly a lot of people being stuck in bein's and Qatar's arse. I got in a debate with Matt Slater because I called his assessment that the PL did everything right blinkered. I told him that I don't consider it a fair process if the league just refused to make a decision that could be legally challenged and where the facts are for everybody to see and to be judged. Then the movement of goalposts began. It ended with him relating to the amount of evidence that KSA is responsiible for running beoutq and how Qatar got everything from the WTO verdict that they hoped for. I am not sure how I got into the job I do hold as I am obviously über-thick and have no idea about the interpretation of law and how to read judgements... It's the whole narrative that the league could never approve the Saudis because of their involvement in piracy that drives me crazy. If that was a legitimate reason then they should have simply rejected the takover on that basis. That would have opened the chance for an appeal and to a judgement of an independent person. If PIF had still failed the test then it would have been the fairest outcome. Nobody could have complained because the rules would have been correctly applied. But to state that everything is fine because the league could never approve an ownership involving the Saudi state without specifically stating how it does relate to the regulations of the director's test does stink. It is just the willfully application of the narrative of bein. I am not one normally getting drawn into conpirace theories but I does make me wonder that the regulations of the owner's and director's test can't be found on the PL website anymore. I remember downloading it in the past but can't get hold of it now. But maybe I am just to thick for this, too.
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    That's me def done till Ashley is gone, absolutely no fucks left with this not going through (aware not his doing before someone flags that, I just get no enjoyment out of us at all anymore)
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    One thing is for sure, if Carroll plays CB Luke Edwards will unfortunately be missing the match.
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    Looks posh, i bet there's some himalayan salt crisps behind that bar
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    Any man who lives in a boutique hotel lobby is okay by me.
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    It’s been bugging me what this reminded me of, for hours. Got it.…
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    Best comment I read about the fella was that he looked like a run down council estate Gandalf
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    I long for the days of Scudamore. He’d have been balls deep in Saudi blood money before the kettle boiled at the first meeting.
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    Tough year for Dave Whelan. First Wigan go into administration and now his business empire is totally fucked. Thankfully he's alive to witness it all, the massive cunt.
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    The Premier League backed up the institution that currently holds the rights to broadcast their content in the Middle East. That those rights holders are also a gang of piously medieval anti democratic cunts without much regard to human rights or indeed human life is neither here nor there. There is no money too tainted for the people currently encouraging players to “take a knee” before games . The sheer rank hypocrisy of many involved and/or commenting on the takeover (I including some of our fellow supporters in that) makes me fuckin sick. The PL have utterly taken the piss out of the prospective buyers, that’s true. I suppose in business terms they’ think they’ve played a blinder. The whole point of the PL is to make huge amounts if money though. Pissing the Saudis off seems to me to be cutting off their noses the spite their face. The Saudis fucked up after the WTO case with their subsequent actions. Easy for the PL after that, even though the constant goal posts moving all through the process had already made issues virtually impossible to resolve . I know I spout off a lot about the Saudi’s etc but now it’s over and listening to what Staveley has said (you’ll need an Athletic subscription for that ) I realise this was truly the last chance saloon. The Saudis won’t come back after being humiliated & embarrassed by the PL and no other fucker is going to buy the club & pump 260mill in over two seasons & also invest in the city in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic. I might not have gone back if it had gone ahead but there may well have been a very new Newcastle United for generations unknown to enjoy and I certainly have no interest in denying others that.
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    I think the best bit is he seems to be completely inept in business terms. He’s utterly full of shit as well which they’ll lap up, as you say. He made his money off ‘flipping’ a Zimbabwean tobacco farm which he never actually owned and sold to the Chinese at an inflated price in a country where the Chinese already have a large presence, investment-wise, and would have seen this conman coming a mile off. He used the nonexistent funds to supposedly develop an energy drink which was actually started in Croatia by someone else anyway and you can’t buy it anywhere and is owned by a company with fuck all money in the bank. Add to that he’s a boxing promoter who seemingly only looks after a fat Scottish heavyweight who’s lost nearly half his fights despite never having been in with anyone of any quality. Finally, Covid-19 is a conspiracy because he doesn’t want to have to wear a mask because he can’t fit one on that goes over his manky, a decade out of date, hipster beard. I fucking hope he buys the club because you just know it’ll be done using loans secured against the club and its paltry assets if he can get anyone stupid enough to let him have the funds. It’s the least they deserve
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    Like when you wanted to plunge an entire league of clubs into debt on the off chance you could stop being fucking shit for five minutes to make the playoffs in League One, you mean? And then decided that was the moral high ground because that’s what worked for you? Like when you defended a nonce because he scored past us? You are out of your depth here. Quit while you’re behind, you tit
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    Well, back to being completely uninterested in the premier league again. Shame about the lost investment in the city but no fucker outside the area gives a shit about that
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    You aren't a real doctor unless you spend every second of the day in a lab coat and stethoscope around your neck.
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    With our strike force I don't think the Yemenis would have much to worry about.
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    I was rewatching Breaking Bad and it struck me that it’s similar to Kojak, because there’s police in BB and Walter is Bald and Kojak is a bald policeman.
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    I fucking knew it.
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    Is ‘blue chip’ just an amalgam of blue pop and cheesy chips?
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    His most recent set of accounts for his company show £581 in the bank.
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    15 years have now passed since 5 of us pulled together to create this place. Happy birthday Toontastic!
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    As if there’s die hard Gateshead fans. ”ah fuckin hate the mags marra but I’ll tell you what Sunderland are a classy club”
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    I hope they do it It would be the perfect coup de grace for a club that has been battered by its own fans for years, while they labour under the delusion that they're helping it. To see it finally go down in flames at the hands of it's own delusional following would be superbly poetic. "The mags may be the richest club in the world marra, but they're all jealous as fuck that we're a fan owned club, even if we are being relegated out of League Two, in administration, and with our 5th chairman in 6 months coming in following the sexual assault allegations against his predecessor. It's what football is really about, we're showing other clubs the way! FTM!!"
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    -background noise- “Ships man, ya daft cunt!”
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    safc recent history, through the medium of origami. crumple, fold, rats from a sinking ship.
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    didn't realise @Renton was a jock
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