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    I go onto twitter and search "nufc stream" Theres always plenty to choose from
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    Kodi works fine for me tbh
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    Walked past that posh new restaurant in the toon with wor lass the other day. She said the aromas wafting out smelled lush. I thought to myself that she deserved a little treat so made sure we walked past it on the way back as well. /Dads-R-us
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    Interviewer: Roger, what's your favourite thing about being Swiss? Federer: Well, the flag's a big plus.
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    Anyone with decent music taste, so PL, Alex, possibly J69, definitely not thompers, Amusement Parks on Fire are touring the UK in November and they are playing the Cluny on the 19th. Unfortunately they have never played here but from all reports they put on a decent show.

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