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  1. I was all in favour of it But now he is gone it's not needed
  2. The BBC still believe Bruce gives them some idea of what formation to play . When all he does is put 11 names on a sheet and says go and play.
  3. We must be getting a big club ,we are attracting new members already
  4. DCR

    Match Day

    Took my boy there a few years ago .All the home players came by car and had someone park for them far end of the Milburn, a few signed autographs. Every time I've been , the away players were signing by the main entrance after the game ,don't know where the Newcastle players came out.
  5. You forgot that there will be people interested in buying the club in January. As long as there are no fan protests to put them off
  6. He would quit and say I'M NOT UP TO THE JOB if he had the best interest of the club at heart
  7. Last time we went to Manchester, we won with a reserve side Pardew thinks he is clever enough to do it again
  8. That's pissed me off I thought Smith was out of conrtact this year
  9. DCR

    more shite

    That's what i thought. But it is a ridiculous amount of money for a player most of us were hoping to see the back of in the summer even if he does look better in the 2nd division.
  10. that's real bad news, he's a lot better than Butt We played a midfield of Pancrate wide right, Butt, Smith, Guthrie wide left played OK without looking dangerous If Lovenkrands & Jonas had been on earlier we may have nicked it
  11. apparently the brothel is in the Portsmouth area
  12. Never liked Smith , until this season where he has looked really good playing as a holding midfielder , far better than Butt. I really hope we can hang on to him .
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