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  1. how many points did 2nd place get last season? i guess thats the target?
  2. Was there a rumour about S.Taylor going to Villa/Everton?
  3. not asset-stripping. Ashley has lost big money with Newcastle, imo.
  4. Thats a pretty strong team, and their definitely is cover for the odd injury. If more players aren't sold, that team should do pretty well, and it would be surprising not to be in the top 3 at the end of the season.
  5. my guess: Geremi - 70k p/w Coloccini - 70k Gutierrez - 70k Duff - 70k Butt - 60k Barton - 60k Smith - 60k Xisco - 50k Nolan - 40k S Taylor - 40k Guthrie - 40k Ameobi - 30k R Taylor - 30k Harper - 30k others - 50k total = 770k p/w
  6. Can anyone list the current squad, and roughly how much each player earns per week? It would be interesting to see who the big earners still are, and maybe how much they are roughly worth if they were sold. anyone want to have a stab?
  7. - Lost - 24 - Battlestar Galactica - Smallville - Prison Break - The Wire
  8. what is your deadline passes without a resolution? what you gonna do?
  9. Bronwyn was hot. anyway, these boards are to chat about all that rubbish. sure we're bored of it, and yes we want some news & are waiting, but talking about it, and theorizing what may happen keeps us going until the new season starts. its not like there's any transfer speculation to keep us going.
  10. So you say that the turnover will now be £48mill. well if you look at the last accounts of Newcastle, i remember total salaries were around £70mill. Owen & a few others have left so lets say the wage bill is down to £60m (rather than the £65 mill being quoted). so turnover of £48m, payroll of £60m. seeing that the generally accepted wage/turnover figure is 60%, the salary bill needs to be reduced to around £29mill. that means the wage bill needs to come down by £31mill, which is a decrease of over 50%. now that looks bad, bad, bad to me.
  11. but you still need to get all the stuff up to the ISS in the first place!
  12. In Italy, peeople retire on 89% of their income!!
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