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  1. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    ah bollocks man! I have one of those up for sale...barely used since I couldn't manage a single pull up
  2. Gigs 2019

    haven't planned that far ahead yet but I will probably be driving aye - Sort it nearer the time
  3. Gigs 2019

    I've done the same...she doesn't know yet like...and I don't think we get bait either but we are in the gold. See you's at the stage! And for the record...I'm only attending for attempted beyonce grope
  4. IP security cameras?

    Any recommendations on a decent ip camera that: doesn't require a subscription for storage - use nas or sd card instead can be viewed from iphone or android phones motion detection that works ok sends notifications of movement with photos to phone (sms? email?) can be recorded on the phone via the app can be plugged into mains or has an extremely long rechargeable battery connects via wifi Seen a lot of £30-£50 ones but it looks like a minefield of fake reviews and dodgy rubbish mixed in amongst all of those.
  5. IP security cameras?

    female lodger
  6. Describe your last shite with a film title.

    Stuck on you
  7. Isis

    everyone is wrong we didn't declare war on IS but we are at war with IS
  8. Funny pictures thread

    Do you not need to plug it into a electric socket AND a tv before you start typing with your manwife?
  9. good places in newcastle for meetings

    Looking for good places near central station for meeting clients - just one on one/two sort of things. Basic requirements are free wifi (gauranteed to be working), coffee, quietish (not like a Costa where you are lucky to find a seat) & not a complete shit hole. Any recommendations?
  10. good places in newcastle for meetings

    got one I need to sort sharpish - just a 30 minute cup of coffee and a glance over some shit on the laptop. Costa is always the first thought but every time I've been in one of those in Newcastle it's like a can of sardines! Went to union rooms once during the day and it was pretty dead so thought that might do, but not sure about wifi reliability or if the quietness was a one off. Knowing my luck I'll meet there and there'll be a match on with a geet rabble getting bladdered!
  11. good places in newcastle for meetings

    for a cup of coffee yes. I have my own office nearby for new clients where I can hire the meeting room but looking for less formal and more public place for existing ones. Was thinking maybe union rooms? Something like that
  12. Funny pictures thread

    Not really funny but worth a gander http://www.theguardian.com/football/gallery/2014/feb/21/beautiful-games-ciggie-pack-footy-kits?CMP=twt_gu#/?picture=430367558&index=0
  13. Funny pictures thread

    still would
  14. Actors you thought were underated

    Sean Bean
  15. Keeping fit

    you'll start at 7 minutes but once you start seeing a change you'll want more...then it will take over your life!
  16. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    is that Hordak?
  17. Laptop Warning!

    maybe conflicting iPs from 2 devices? I log in to my router and tell it to use the same IP for each device to avoid conflicts (and for ease of network shite)
  18. Laptop Warning!

    nah. If other things are working it's not the wifi channel then. Not sure why a reboot would have sorted it then
  19. Laptop Warning!

    If that keeps happening, try changing the wifi channel in the router settings. You might be getting interference from a neighbour
  20. Laptop Warning!

    A myth...as is the freezer solution. I think the oven myth is based on dodgy dry solder joints reheating and fixing themselves. But the harsh reality is it just cooks the drive and ensures certain death.
  21. Best Of Youtube

  22. Sky Package

    I rang to cancel a few months back and was given all the movie channels at £29 for 3 months. Then rang again to cancel after 3 months and got the same again for £30 7 months. They always tell you to ring back towards the end and they'll sort something else out for you. Never pay full whack!
  23. Landline

    lucky to get any signal on any mobile where I live so have to have a landline. Boils my piss when people don't have one and it costs me a fortune to ring them!
  24. Keeping fit

    I've started using my home gym, bought a couple of dumb bells and push up bars. For the last month I have been doing a 15-30 minute workout every day with all that (my own custom but well researched "routine") and I have lost a stone and a half since from 15 down to 13.5. My moobs have gone and my belly has gone. I neglected my arms though so my chest and abs are starting to look out of place which is why I bought the dumb bells. Just started using them this week and also started running yesterday to get rid of excess flab too. Also had a major diet change...I only eat cereal for breakfast, oven cooked plain tasteless chicken for dinner and a curry every night. I snack on apples, pea pods and almonds throughout the day instead of chocolate and crisps. Only drink water now (apart from a friday neet) and the odd fresh pineapple juice for a treat. Verdict...it works for me
  25. War films you've watched more than 3 times.

    Black hawk doon That sniper film with Jude lawe Zulu Platoon Private Ryan Commando

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