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  1. Anyone selling a spare ticket for tonight? Wasn't meant to be around for this but work trip cancelled so desperately trying to get one
  2. they really have been handed the shit end of the stick with their end-of-season fixutre list! their last 6 games, Tottenham (a) Everton (h) Chelsea (a) Cardiff (h) Man Utd (a) Swansea (h) When you compare to another current relegation batter like Fulham, who mainly have teams who will presumably be in the fight too (they play Norwich, Hull, Stoke and Palace in the their last 6), its interesting to which position you'd want to be in as a manager. Sunderland could use their games prior to this to build momentum and have points on the board, where as Fulham could have taken a
  3. Pardew first win since 2006. Strange to think he didn't pick it up once a couple of seasons ago despite winning Manager of the Season for the same year.
  4. I wouldn't say Padrew has been overly defensive this season, but I can see this being one of the games he might take his more regular approach. I'd like to see Ben Arfa in place of Shola for this game, use their big pitch to try and drive some fast counter attacks alongsie Remy as otherwise we'll see plently of hoofed balls aimed in the general direction of Ameobi and the ball returning to Man Utd seconds after we gain it.
  5. Shay Given has gone out on loan to the Smoggies for a month, something to do with their first choice keeper been banned for the first few weeks of December
  6. This will be a totally different style of play. I think Pardew will change it slightly, although as CT mentioned i think even Shola should be starting this one due to two back to back wins to 0. If there are any changes, then I'd like to see Anita start, as both games he's game on and solidified the midfield. Tricky though as both Cabaye and Tiote have played well. I can see Pardew bringing in Ben Arfa, athough maybe as a half time sub to have more of an impact against some tired legs.
  7. Gouffrans work rate is second to none, a Jonas with attacking ability. Thought Williamson looked solid for most the game, but I was getting really frustrated with his log balls to nobody in the second half, the amount of times the whole team gave possession away in the first 20 of the second half was awful
  8. They've got no second play, every time they are trying to get it down the right wing and along the deck into the box, And Sunderland are mopping it up all day long
  9. had this stuck in my head all weekend after seeing The Counselor trailer at the cinema.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Just got home from watching it, gripping movie throughout and an amazing performance from Hanks (incredible in the final scenes) and the pirates also. Watched End of Watch last night too, good movie a lot better than I was expecting
  11. BBC just said norwich's 3 main strikers have had a total of 6 shots on target all season. Crazy stat
  12. . I'm pretty good at reading lips and what he actually said to Cabaye was "put It near the corner flag and lets get this draw sorted"
  13. unlucky!! Couple of hammering on the horizon here with both the Manchester clubs scorelines at half time. Feel for hughton but can see him gone in the near future, made some good / surprising signings in the summer and they're just not having a run of decent games to click
  14. Far more of the latter. His touch when we ha a chance to break for a third was woeful. His game is 100% about pace, and if he can't run with the ball at his feet at pace then he's not a winger
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