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  1. To be fair on obertan i dont think he had the space on monday nite 2 make an impact. The pitch was tiny and qpr closed down our players very quickly, and our whole team was shite. Cabaye espescially with his passing skills didnt take advantage of Obertans pace with any killer balls in behind. I reckon with a more clever and thought out formation than 442 we cud use his pace and hopefully he cud turn out to be a decent player, no point stickin him right wing against a left back and left midfielder and expecting him to be amazing. His pace is a weapon that needs 2 be exploited for him 2 excell
  2. You reckon? More River Island than Stone Island iyam. Haha suppose, maybe a slightly gayer dressed football hooligan then. He doesnt look like ur typical journo like
  3. He looks like an extra from "the football factory". Proper football hooligan look goin on there, take the bumfluff off joey and he looks like hes just about 2 sit his gcse's
  4. Violence cud stretch till the 2 of them, jb is a dead ringer for Gary Neville in that photo
  5. Im sure u near pissed urself with excitment? The trolleys you push ur suitcases in are more charasmatic than Nigel
  6. Nigel Worthington, Neil Webb obviosly my initials are what hamperd my career as a professional footballer, that and being shite of coarse
  7. I'm guessing you don't quite believe his army stories? No, his storys are like something out of a rambo film
  8. I work with a fella who was in the army. He wanted to join the army since he was a kid but because he grew up in West Belfast he obviosly cudnt join the British army, luckily his dad was american so he applied to be a marine in the US army. He ended up being a squadron commander during the first gulf war in charge of a fleet of tanks. His job as commander was in the lead tank navigating landmines and such things. I dunno if any of you are believing this or not, because i certainly dont, but if it were true it makes what happened the other week all the funnier, He applied for a poxy sup
  9. Jonas is like a cross between Pele, Maradona and Georgie Best compared to Shola. If Shola wasnt a footballer and was a bricklayer or a plumber im pretty sure he'd be shite at that too
  10. Wudnt be a bad idea for professional footballers to be banned from twitter altogether. Lets face it 99% of them are thick as shit and dont usually have anything interesting to say anyway. Tweets from pro footballers usually contain the word Nandos. Tho wat this kid has said is an absolute disgrace and should be made to publically apologise to anyone he has offended.
  11. Is it Peter Van Vossen who used 2 play for Rangers?
  12. Dont wanna loose 4-0 to anybody but especially that lot! Just rememberin the day we went down and the way they laughed and sang at our fans n players makes me fuckin angry still. Plus theyr a poxy club who think theyr bigger than they are. Cant see a 4-0 like, reckon pardew will put out a different side and formation, id take another draw
  13. 100% agree with ya there! Id play marveux behind a striker untill ben arfas fit, we just get overrun and dominated in midfield playing 442
  14. Would really love 2 know how Shola has been a professional footballer for so long
  15. Id narrow the team in a bit and play marveux in behind ba or best untill HBA is fit, have obertan and jonas tucked in closer 2 cabaye and tiote makin diagonal runs out. That was a very good point considering the battering we took tho
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