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  1. UNder the circumstances, the challenge merited a yellow. Larsson should have been booked for dangerous play and also for a blatent handball in the box which should have been a penalty. The ref was an absolute disgrace and gave us sweet f a As for their fans wishing ST was dead, scum the lot of them
  2. Flying into Brussels on the wednesday but no tickets yet. Looks like we are going to be treat like shite. They cant arrest 10000 of us can they?
  3. Bu hool or by crook, we should get Debuchy. He is quick, strong and versatile. He is also a proven international and isnt overly priced. I love Demba and rather than go and spend millions on his replacement, give him a contract good enough to keep him.
  4. Apparently the last time a bomb was dropped on 5under1and, it provided £2 million worth of improvements. What a shithole of a place
  5. The Newcastle/Scumderland derby will always remain one of the fierciest derbies in the world. Hatred has been evident for over 400 years. Historical info always comes to the fore at this time of the season and I know they are biting like hell at the moment in the knowledge the people of Newcastle and Durham joined forces to fight for the English against the Scots and the treacherous folk of Scumderland. In fact the mackems have fought with the jocks twice against us English. We are GEORDIES - English and proud
  6. I laugh at their need to sign off with FTM. The retards think its their duty. They are scum of the highest order and will be in awe as usual when the Toon Army arrive at the flatpack stadium. Reading all the craic this week about how long the hatred between the 2 has been in existance. Their forefathers should have been hung for treason for being treacherous Scottish followers all those years ago. Newcastle 100% English and proud of it
  7. The nerves starting to kick in a little now. First time I havent got a ticket for years. Was even tempted to go amongst the scum but done it before and dont think it would be sensible to do it again especially when Demba makes it 2 - 0. Hopefully AP has the lads properly pumped up for this one
  8. Agreed. Will be a massive confidence boost for us and a huge kick in the stotts for them. I am more confident for sunday than I have been for a number of seasons. Hopefully Pards plays a very attacking team to warrent my confidence
  9. If we start with Shola and Demba, hopefully both Colo and Steven Taylor will be fit and we will cause them all sorts of problems with corners and set plays. The mackems are desperate for a result including a draw but if we can score early, theres no reason why we cant run out comfortable winners cos I have a feeling their fans will get on their backs especially if they try and defend for most of the match
  10. Cabaye will be massive for us on sunday. Both him and Tiote need to stamp their authority early on without getting booked especially in the first half. With the centre midfield and we will win the match
  11. I would start Shola on sunday with Demba. The mackems are shit scared of him
  12. Cisse hasnt been at his best this season so would be tempted to play Shola up front with Demba. They are shit scared of Shola even when he sat on the bench. I fancy 3 - 1 to us with a Demba brace and a Hatem screamer
  13. Was in the clockstand when Liam O'Brien scored the winner. Was determined to sit on my hands all match but when we scored both goals, I and many others forgot ourselves. Fortunately there were quite a few of us dotted around and still to this day dont know how there wasnt more bother where we were. Cant imagine going into their end again.
  14. I used to have a mackem email me stuff from the website. Having read some of the anti Nufc stuff, I joined just to give them some shit. Ironically it was the day before we thrashed them 5 - 1. Needless to say, I was banned about 10 hours after the match. I think it must have been something I said
  15. The red and white shitbags are obsessed with anything and everything black and white. Hopefully it will be business as usual on Sunday. Would love to humiliate them again because it will be only a matter of time before they are calling for O'Neills head. I understand the jungle drums have already started
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