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  1. It sounds like he told them to FUCK OFF after the final whistle.31 goals yet still not good enough for the daft twats.Only in sunlun.
  2. As predicted.Midget Johnson...’We should have had a pen’ . 16 players out of contract this summer.
  3. Anyone know the best place to park for Wembley? Asking for a Lincoln fan
  4. Anyone know the best place to park for Wembley? Asking for a Lincoln fan
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. The makems do like a dive mind and as for penalty shouts from the fans,they’re worse than scousers.
  7. Nah,so big clubs like sunlun don’t get the decisions
  8. The ref will be to blame if they don’t get to the final
  9. 31 goals this season and he’s shite.Only in makemland
  10. You could be right.An early goal for the makems...........
  11. We took the Fulwell End marra .27-3-70.Good and proper marra.FTM.KTF.
  12. They detested him last season for refusing to leave because they couldn’t afford his wages plus there were rumours he was a bad influence.I’m sure he had to train with the youth team.Now they cannot do without him.Midget Johnson immediately became highly rated when he was appointed,then went to shite after the 2 v 0 defeat to Lincoln.Of course a 3 clear goal win today and he’s up there with Pep.
  13. Something tells me the makems are not out of it.
  14. ‘To be honest,I’m glad we didn’t go up.The new owner has started getting things right off the pitch (?) so come this time next season he’ll have things right on the pitch’ KTF.FTM marra.
  15. And a relegation on his CV,as has Bob Stokoe.
  16. Nuno is leaving Wolves.No excuse now.Brucey out,Nuno in
  17. ‘Brucey’s doing a good job’ That’s what we’ve been told all season.If he was to lose his job,it would be interesting to hear where his pals in the media think his next management job could be and in which league.You wouldn’t think a Premier League team would want him,unless they’d recently been promoted from the Championship.He’s pissed off a few clubs by either relegating them or leaving them with immediate effect ,usually his decision.Of course within a few days of him leaving,he’ll be on talkSHITE spouting shite,then in the gulf being interviewed by hairy hands with Fat Spam sitting al
  18. Uselescelles,Hayden,Wilson,Fraser,Schar.All missing last night but no mention of these injuries from Bruce because we won.
  19. He’s too much of a maverick for Man Utd,Man City,Chelsea,Liverpool,Leicester,Tottenham and Arsenal.I don’t think Anchelotti would find a place for him in his team.Villa have Grealish to take players on.You couldn’t play both in the same team.Wolves have Triore as their maverick.Quite possible Southampton but that would be more of a sideways step.A mid table Italian or Spanish team may take a chance.
  20. MOTM A player the makems chased a few years ago
  21. Rather listen to Midget Johnson than Brucey so over I’ve turned
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