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  1. Lascelles ,BUJ7,Lewis and Hendrick on the field at the same time.
  2. TOT decided getting out the way was the best option to help the team
  3. Sorry,on a fire stick.I’ve been reliably informed it’s not possible.
  4. I agree.They’re standing off him and he’s utilising the space well
  5. Half hearted attempt by BUJ7 to put a block in and Hayden (?) flatfooted on the edge of the box?
  6. If BUJ7 is the replacement for Wilson,will Ole decide to leave him unmarked throughout the game and select another attacking player? Are you allowed to play with no keeper and select another outfield player?
  7. Good shout .I would imagine Fernandez will still take the pens so maybe Ronaldo,Maguire and Fernandez to score at anytime.
  8. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s game.We’re not going to win and a draw is highly unlikely but as usual I’ll be looking at individual performances,and I’m expecting some to be shambolic,and not just due to lack of ability.A booking for Ritchie is more or less guaranteed.Another second half ( possibly first half also ) anonymous display from Almiron won’t surprise me.No organisation in central defence is the norm.TOT leaving his man will be more apparent as the home team play around us.at will.A headed goal or two from Maguire will be odds on at the bookies.No shots on target could be w
  9. Wilson is a doubt for Saturday and Fraser definitely missing.So say Radio Newcastle Total Sport .
  10. Brucey will enjoy the festival.No matter how many we concede,a beaming smile from the buffoon will be on show at the end when he’s shaking Ole’s hand.’Look,hey,they were a good team before they signed Ronaldo.We’ll have to put it down to a bad day at the office ( 6 v 0 ) and dust wahselves down.As for Alain’s ‘injury’.well,it’s too soon to say how serious it is’.
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