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  1. ‘I’ve always said,if we get our big players back we’d be ok’.
  2. Only Brucey could decide that weakening the team is the way to secure a victory.
  3. Don’t give a fuck one week then first sub to come on in the next game
  4. Alan Smith ‘Iheonacho was a bit unlucky there,Almiron got there first.Nothing’s gone Leicester’s way this evening’
  5. Alan Smith ‘A long straight ball’. The pass of the game you silly twat !!!
  6. Maddison the cheating bastard has been quiet.A dive,a Vardy pen and they’re back in it.
  7. Keep the work rate up as a minimum so nee dropping off and letting crosses come in.
  8. It’s his best game this season.He’s looking very mobile,and to think BUJ has kept him out the team and Brucey has turned to BUY from the bench instead of him on occasions.
  9. The Saint hasn’t been running around like a headless chicken so I’d like to think his legs haven’t gone yet.
  10. A very good 45 mins but will we be able to hold out in the second have while encamped on the edge of our penalty box
  11. What about his first throw out that put Dummett under pressure? You’re trying to make a point ,the point no one has a clue about.
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