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  1. The takeover news is going down as well as we thought,as in they all hope it goes through because,because err……err…..They’re livid 😂😂😂
  2. Happy Birthday to the drink-driver.Let’s hope he doesn’t have a few for the road
  3. Sterling in the line of the shot by de Bruyne.Can anyone remember when Gouffran was in the line of a shot against Man City at home and the ref disallowed it,even though,like Sterling,he intentionally got out the way.
  4. 8 wins in 38 league games by my reckoning yet Brucey still gets away without serious criticism.Get out of our club you fat makem bastard.
  5. Booed of at the break down Pompeyland.Best fans in the world the knars
  6. When he does tackle it’s inevitably a clear yellow card foul.
  7. It’s now ‘anybody can beat anybody in this league’.
  8. Why did we have 4 standing in line next to Longstaff for that free kick?
  9. ‘Look,hey,you have to take your chances at this level.I thought Big Jeh-ow was excellent today’
  10. Does anyone else expect a holding midfield player to win a tackle or two.
  11. The expected shit free kick when in a good position to put a decent ball into the box
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