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  1. It contributed towards us conceding but turning his back and getting out the way played a massive part so it was an issue.
  2. I agree with a lot of what you say,and I’ve highlighted a lot of what you have said in previous posts,which you may have missed.It’s a shame you’ve let yourself down by suggesting I believe only cowardice is the problem,which of course,you know I’ve never suggested it is.Maybe in your lifetime of supporting NUFC it’s been rife,and you know nothing different,but it certainly wasn’t happening not that many years ago.I never saw John McGrath do it,nor Moncur,nor Pat Howard,nor Peter Jackson,nor Darren Peacock,nor Steve Howey,nor Nick The Greek,nor Woodgate.In fact I cannot remember anyone in th
  3. ‘Making yourself big ‘ is a new one on you,isn’t it? Shar getting out the way of the shot contributed towards Ings’ goal.Yes? Turning his back and making himself small contributed towards Ings’ goal.Yes? I’ve put blame on TOT for slicing a simple clearance out of play.I’m putting no blame on TOT for not winning the header from the throw-in.I’ve pointed out that turning your back isn’t an example of poor play.Yep,we’re a poor team with a number of poor players,with questionable team selections and tactics,we all know that.Poor players make more mistakes than good players,that’s down to lack of
  4. If he checked out his family tree I’m sure Easter Island would crop up.
  5. ‘Look,hey,I thought we were unlucky to lose to Southampton.I think this break will do us good.Look,hey,Lee is working flat out to bring in one or two loan players who cannot get a regular game at their clubs,but we’re only going to bring players in who can improve the decent,balanced squad we have here.Look,hey,if we keep our big players fit,we’ll be ok.Luck is against us at the moment and Covid has done us no favours’.
  6. Time to roll wah sleeves up again.Gayle again proving he’s not the answer up front,either with BUJ7 or Wilson.An early 6 pointer coming up then a 4 or 5 ‘nowter’ against Man Utd.
  7. Lose to Southampton then nee game for a couple of weeks so plenty time to bring in a proper manager,as in a manager who has a bit football knowledge.
  8. I remember when players made themselves big in an attempt to make the target smaller.It was classed as giving it your all for the team.If ‘every’ team does it,it doesn’t detract from my cowardice accusations towards some of our players.Shar showed no interest in making himself bigger,therefore didn’t give it his all in attempting to stop a goal.Shelvey not running around is Shelvey not doing his best intentionally.Lewis allowing the ball to come in from the wing by turning his back is another example.Not giving 100% is resulting in goals conceded and games being lost.They’re not simple errors
  9. Aye,because I never comment on our disorganised defence our inert midfield .Players such as TOT,Krafth,Lewis,Shelvey,Almiron,Sean Longstaff and ASM get regular stick from me.I DO see players from other teams turn their backs,and also intentionally get out the way of shots,but that is of little interest to me.We are conceding goals due to this form of cowardice.It seems at every opportunity we do it,sometimes goals are conceded,sometimes not.Shar could possibly have blocked the shot,but no,he showed no interest in it,so in we went 1 v 0 down.These aren’t mistakes,these actions are intentional ‘
  10. Because we have players who do it regularly.I’ll give you a chance to highlight it the next time it happens.
  11. Players turning their back whilst getting out the way of shots probably caught him by surprise.
  12. We’re a poor team with poor players making up the squad.Not a decent,but a very balanced squad.Very little fight was shown when the going got tough against both West Ham and Villa.Nee points against Southampton and Man Utd could see us rock bottom and I wouldn’t be putting money on our shirkers and cowards to get us out the shite.Brucey could further endanger our survival by bringing back the cowardly Lewis at left back.
  13. I’ve just watched the goals again.Villa were awarded a throw-in due to a sliced clearance from TOT.The balding right back commits a foul throw.His left foot is over the line.Schar not only turns his back,he also moves out of the way.The static Willock,with hands on his hips,keeps this pose from the time of the penalty taker running up,until the player runs off to celebrate.I don’t suppose he felt any hurt at the final whistle,and he won’t be the only one.At least we only had one player not giving a fuck while this pen was being taken.
  14. ‘This decent,we’ll balanced squad,finished 12th last season.We’ll be eh-o keh-ee ‘
  15. ‘He hasn’t had a pre-season’ is a favourite quote of Brucey’s.I would imagine this will be directed at Willock if he goes through a lean spell ( 1 goal in 40 games for Arsenal ) .With our lack of creativity in the team,he’s going to have to create his goals by himself,if we continue to tire/look disinterested in the second half of games.
  16. As was an Arsenal player.Were they injured or ‘injured’.Probably the latter.
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