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  1. Aye,straight at him.You’re struggling mate.Must try better.
  2. ‘We are where we are’ as Brucey keeps telling us but we are where we are because he’s relied too much on useless gets like BUJ,Krafth,Uselescelles,Lewis,Shelvey and Long Longstaff.
  3. Shelvey and Long Longstaff to put on another masterclass of how not to play the holding role.
  4. Us plebs with receive some but it’ll be interesting to see if the boxes,directors box and corporate are full.Give Fatty a shout 😉
  5. You need to be a good footballing team for such a tactic to work.We are a million miles away from being a good footballing team so whoever decided to use this tactic is an idiot.
  6. Dubravka doesn’t instill confidence when putting into practice Brucey’s new tactic of playing out from the keeper at goal kicks. And to think supporters used to criticise Given for his kicking which was never a problem by the way.Given was streets ahead of both Dubravka and Darlow in every way.
  7. And still coming out with more sense than you.Says everything really.
  8. Krul’s cowardice and failure to command the 6 yard box was apparent in too many games.
  9. I’ve watched some poor keepers over the years but if we’re talking regular keepers,Dubravka could possibly be the worst regarding being at fault for goals conceded.He’s not prone to flapping as much as Darlow and he commands the 6 yard box better than Darlow so I’m more confident when Dubravka is in goal.
  10. Wilson and The Saint will be away so back to BUJ as our main striker/target man with someone better acting as cover.We cannot shift Gayle due to his high wages so he’ll be cover once more.Shelvey and 40 year old Longstaff could quite easily be ‘protecting’ our back 5 again.The Oil Tanker will be fit to (dis) organise our defence for anther season.Lump on us going down next season,if we stay up this season.
  11. ‘We were still in it until the red card which I thought was harsh’
  12. With the Man Utd v Liverpool game being delayed,we should hear Brucey’s explanation for yet another shambolic performance.
  13. Leicester away for us coming up. Fulham v Burnley next weekend. 2 home wins.Still not safe.
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