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  1. The commentator has just said Brucey is happy with the amount of headers BUJ7 wins wide left.Cannot say I’ve noticed to be honest.
  2. Yesterday, September 29th ,was the 3rd anniversary of a Sad Makem Bastard shouting ‘cheat’ at the Jimmy Hill statue outside Coventry’s ground.
  3. Very few pundits managed Brucey,played with Brucey or played under Brucey yet pundit’s are reluctant to seriously criticise the clown. Unfortunately I cannot repeat a little story about Brucey I was told when he was still a player,and I would imagine it still applies today ,and it came from someone who had a senior position in a club who are currently in the Championship.Keep an eye out for a clue or two.😉
  4. Whenever I see Burnley,and it’s highlights of their games,unless they’re playing us,they do seem to have more in attack than we have.Plenty crosses into the opposition box to Wood seems to be their Plan A and why not.If only we could get half as many balls into the box ( nee point,I know,with BUJ7 in the number 9 role) .I just always think they’ll survive every year.
  5. ‘Look,hey,Covid hit us hard.And look,hey,it’s a very difficult job,everyone ( ask my pals in the media ) knows it’
  6. ‘Look,hey,we created more than enough chances to win the game’ . Aye Steve,but none of those chances fell to a striker because for 83 mins we never had a striker on the pitch.
  7. A yellow for Darlow for wasting time.Hanging on and wasting time against this pile of shite
  8. 7 mins left and Brucey decides a striker may help the team
  9. That’s what happens when you play with no recognised striker/goalscorer
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