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  1. Could you cunts not take this shit to PM's like? Just fucking unreadable tbh.
  2. The current squad aren't as talented but at least they give a fuck. That goes a long way. When you're in the shit: graft > craft.
  3. You forgot the bit where I was in labour and you went to get fish and chips to eat while you watched the Man U match on the labour ward telly Aye, but it wasn't real contractions, you were just whinging a bit. The proper stuff started the next day.
  4. It's the single most terrifying and fantastic thing you'll ever do. Can't really put it into words but seeing your child born in front of you and then have it thrust into your arms is a bit overwhelming. I had a few tears and couldn't take my eyes off the bairn for ages. You're looking down on this little bundle of blankets and suddenly two little eyes open and that's it - you're hooked and your life changes forever. Your world is tipped upside down and things that used to matter don't any more. Only one thing will matter from that moment on and it's class. Tough to start with but it gets
  5. midds

    Scottish Mag

    Hope you've had a good day.
  6. In a relegation battle from Christmas onwards and we'll stay up by the skin of our teeth. 17th.
  7. Exactly. The shit ones (and there's plenty of them) know that they've got the ace up the sleeve in claiming stress if they going gets hard. Their contract protects them unequivocally, sort of like a Get out of Jail free card they can play anytime they want. The doctors will sign them off for months at a time and the school has to bend over backwards to re-ntegrate them back into work. The Head can try to manage them out but it's very rare. The usual way shit teachers leave their jobs is when they lose the plot and start dragging a kid about. That's immediate ground for suspension and dism
  8. Honesty and humility. It's like a breath of fresh air.
  9. midds


    Hope you've had a good day mate. In before 12.00.
  10. Aye, many congratulations Chez mate. Remember that the only thing that was going through my mind when the nurse handed me the boy was 'just don't drop him. Don't trip over any of the wires or stools but just don't drop him'. Magic moments indeed. All the best and enjoy being a daddy, it's pretty special.
  11. Congratulations Pud. Glad to hear all are well. Strap yourself in, the fun starts now. Don't miss the 4 a.m. feeds one bit like...
  12. An honour and a privilege to be there mate. All the best and don't come back sneezing...
  13. I assume you're getting Midds mixed up with someone else Good looking lad for a mackem. Cheeky fucker! Thanks for all the kind words chaps. Been a bit hectic but putting up with all of Cath's tantrums has been worth it...
  14. Just checked and the Trent is open at 11 lads. See you there
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