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  1. I agree with this. As with Brexit, before the people that vote for this shit can be forgiven and treated like human being again, they need to acknowledge the extent of their colossal fuck up. The red states, as with the red wall, should not be "reached out to" while they continue to believe that they were right.
  2. Actually come to think of it, that 1% to the LDs could be over the new Brexit stance.
  3. That really is all it is. 40% of this country, come hell or high water, will vote Tory. That's the fixed number. As for Labour dropping points it looks like the Greens and the LDs have both benefitted, which suggests that 1% has come from lefties who feel alienated by Starmer, and 1% of centrist Labour members who just don't like the cut of Starmer's jib, presumably. The other 2% have probably just given up on politics altogether or defected to the SNP
  4. Can he declare a state of emergency through executive powers?
  5. Why though. What does that give him.
  6. The Democrats are doing some soul searching over their poor results in the House and Senate with the lady responsible for the campaigns having stood down. I'm not sure this election has answered any question about the current state of play with the exception of 'do we want more of Trump'.
  7. We maybe need to pivot to a new word tbh - socialism has been very successfully poisoned in the American mindset. I was just reading before that AOC is thinking of chucking the towel in, incidentally. Going the same way as all principled left wingers sadly.
  8. Or if the election results are thrown out because Trump manages to discredit them. Since the US is a Republic first and a Democracy second, the actual voting isn't as important as the House's decision. And since in this specific set of circumstances the House gets a one state, one vote decision to make, it is possible that even in a Democrat controlled House, Trump could be made president if enough Republicans go along with him.
  9. If he creates enough of a dispute about the whole issue that it ends up back in the House (it would have to be a serious mess to get to this though), he doesn't need to flip any states really, he can just bank on winning in there (apparently).
  10. Also @Howay, congrats on the new arrival! Altogether it must be a time of immense hope for the future in your household. Best wishes
  11. Momentum and the likes of AOC are to Labour and the Democrats what Farage is to the Tories. Some people simply won't compromise their principles just to get a soft win. Not that Farage has principles but I reference him more in terms of political effect rather than motivation. I mean AOC has absolutely slammed the democratic party now that the election is over. This is just the new normal I think. Where I would take heart though, is that for all the words, these people are still going to vote for the party they criticise when the time comes.
  12. There's a big schism between European and American Christians on political issues. European Christians, the few that remain, tend to be far more focused on compassionate, community outreach style, traditionally "left wing" political action. The US evangelicals on the other hand use Christianity in a very similar way to how ISIS use Islam. I mean the US called the sitting pope "dangerously left wing" ffs. They'll overlook anything a right leaning politician does or says because they don't actually understand or follow anything they profess to believe. So not only are the
  13. Boris will of course be gutted as well because this has just torpedo'd the current iteration of Brexit Thank god it's finally done.
  14. Looks like Fox are actively trying to talk Trump into conceding gracefully. I do wonder if he might just come out and give up despite all his rumblings otherwise.
  15. Trump can legally retain power if the republicans back him and there's nothing anyone can do about it because the entire US democratic system hinges on a gentleman's agreement to voluntarily stand down...
  16. Aye, fuck knows why.
  17. You should start your own thread of dumb centrists confidently predicting Biden would lose
  18. As icing on the cake to all this, apparently it's quite likely that when Trump leaves office, and therefore ceases to be a person of importance, Twitter is going to ban his ass
  19. There's absolutely no chance a left winger could have won this election. We barely scraped over the line with the blandest centrist I've ever seen. However, a left winger would have won the last one. I'm incredibly pleased that Biden is winning this, I'm pleased for what it means for climate change, Brexit, and international/political norms in general. But I don't think that this particular fight is over, and the centre is going to have to very quickly come up with something more coherent and viable than "not trump" if we're going to see off this threat next time out. 4 years doesn
  20. This is a great effort, well done her.
  21. Wolves have created a professional esports RL team. Previously both PSG and Barcelona have too. Wonder how long before Ashley gives us ours...!
  22. Message received ewerk, I'll fuck off.
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