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  1. I suppose maybe it was all press speculation at the time, but the links with Rafa and Pocchetino were out there first time around and it really felt like steps were being taken to be prepared coming into the purchase. This time we had nothing and the whole thing just materialised out of nowhere. Coupled with the fact that we've had knock backs from various people and that Steve Bruce actually took that game against Spurs, which is something that just should never have happened, I think it's fair to say that they're doing work now that genuinely could have been done before it went through.
  2. Aye but, speaking as a consultant myself, you don't just automatically come in within the space of a single week and immediately deliver all of the answers. It takes quite a bit of time to get under the bonnet and understand what's going on before you can start making recommendations. Although if they are doing this, they can maybe hire some of their consultants at least. The situation will improve I'm sure, but at the moment I think we have to acknowledge that they might well make some mistakes here because they are only human and that having insane amounts of money does not autom
  3. I just wish they had been ready for this takeover to happen when it did. They so clearly weren't.
  4. I am less convinced of this. We have been taken over by a bunch of investors, people who supposedly have a good eye for a deal and something that can grow, but who aren't necessarily capable managers. The Saudi side in particular have the specific experience of meeting political objectives, not managing a football club. This will be why Charnley is still here. He's the voice of experience. And let us remember that for many years now, Charnley has been total shite. They need to get experienced managers in quickly and I do appreciate that's what they're trying to do - but
  5. Aye I mean the Premier League has played this terribly tbh. I remain convinced that the basic path for them through this has been that they initially colluded with the old big six to prevent the takeover, and then Ashley of all people managed to get enough on them that they felt they had no choice anymore but to relent. I mean I'm curious though, what is the stated reason they're giving for the takeover being such a bad thing? Have they outright said they just don't want to actually have to compete or are they still pretending it's a branding thing?
  6. Butterflies and hurricanes. We'll never know I guess but it would be a shame if true.
  7. It does genuinely feel as though the real issue here is that we were never meant to be anything other than a footnote in their glorious and storied histories. As if there are only a handful of successful clubs and the deal is that everyone else just goes along with it and knows their place. Were City opposed with this sort of thing? I don't remember it but maybe they were. There's going to be a real siege mentality around the club in short order though, which is only going to further entrench opinions either side.
  8. I doubt we can stand up to 18 other clubs mind. Nice to see City took our side, albeit for their own reasons I'm sure. Either way, if this is the particular strategy they're going to try, can we just Man Utd it? Set up a noodle sponsor, a toilet roll sponsor, rubbish collection, paper mill, handtowels, etc. Presumably they're concerned that we'll get sponsorship right across PIF related companies, and tbh now that I think about it, that would indeed utterly fuck them. Even at 'fair market value' I'm willing to bet. If that's the worst we come out of it with, they're fuc
  9. I sometimes totally forget he's at the club - Does he get games or is he just very quiet when he does? I mean what's his deal, it's been a while since I bothered watching us.
  10. Yeah I think relegation will just mean we get laughed at by the rest of the world and have to stiff upper lip our way through that, but in the long run it'll be irrelevant. That said, I echo what everyone else is saying. There's time yet and there are plenty of shit teams in the division this year.
  11. May have been said already but I've just seen the news about the Reuban Foundation matching foodbank donations every home game. I mean I don't doubt that on some level, parts of this are just to get people on side but like.. that's still people getting fed. Honestly feels like the club is going to make a genuine effort to become the heart of the community again, and actually that's a bigger deal for me than winning the fucking league or whatever. Don't get me wrong, I'd take the league too, but I'd far rather that the Newcastle to win it was a Newcastle that was genuinely carrying the city wit
  12. Meanwhile the Labour Party is apparently spending £2m a year in legal battles with... the Labour Party. New sponsors understandably reluctant to fund them if money is going to be wasted on such nonsense. And on top of that, they're down 150,000 members. So in the 'splitting the left' stakes, I think we can say Labour is out in front.
  13. Just to be clear on this, what is the intended process meant to be if this happens? Fans nearby call 999? Someone flags down a steward and they alert medical staff at the ground? I'm having a hard time imagining that it's meant to be so up in the air that players have to down tools to get a spotlight on it. That's not to say anyone associated with saving the man's life deserves criticism, I don't think they do; I think for me they'd only deserve it if they were being deliberately slow, which I'm having a hard time believing - but the process that governs how the information travel
  14. We are getting predictably hammered by everyone everywhere It seems to have passed many opposition fans by that most of us would have gladly taken this abject defeat beforehand if it meant the end of Bruce. Either way I'm starting to think our "Empire strikes back" moment (cos let's face it we're the bad guys here) might actually be something I take genuine pleasure in
  15. Aye not sure about the "excellencies" and so on, I wouldn't give our own royal family the pleasure of those sorts of titles and the Saudis certainly don't deserve it
  16. I mean this is what Bruce wants, his 1000th game. He wants everyone to be talking about him. So I'm just saying we respect his wishes. Also when did Alex accuse me of this exactly EDIT - you mean his son I see. Wondered if I'd missed something there.
  17. I mean, our first game as the worlds footballing superpower is going to see us get roundly spanked and then laughed at by the rest of the footballing world. I think given the circumstances, the more tongue in cheek we are about this, the harder it's going to be for everyone else to find it gratifying. The last laugh will be ours I daresay, but for now we're going to have to get ready to suck it up and make sure Bruce is front and centre of it.
  18. Aye but presumably the media weren't giving him pelters for it, and I also suspect making your dinner wasn't his life's work Would be amusing if either of those were true though.
  19. Aye its a bit of a pointless article but you'd expect the fella to stick up for his dad. Unbelievable as it may be to us, he probably idolises him - and it does speak well of Steve that this is the case. Has fuck all to do with his management abilities and changes absolutely nothing but I'm not gonna give the guy a hard time for it. If my old man was drawing fire from all sides in a very public way I'd be the same I'm sure.
  20. Was just checking through his twitter and what's particularly painful about this is all the big name Tories lined up to congratulate him on this - so you just know he's going to be totally humiliated now. I don't actually think that's particularly professional stuff from the UN, they should have been well aware of his record in the first place. At least they corrected the mistake but they should never even have gotten started with the little troll.
  21. If Bruce loses this he'll increase the urgency with which PIF will want to replace him, thus making his £8m more likely. I am therefore predicting an unlikely draw because I doubt Bruce has the nous even to throw a game properly.
  22. Certain forces within the political theatre have pushed and thrived upon divisive rhetoric in order to advance their agenda, and this is frankly what the outcome is. Same when it was Jo Cox. It'll keep happening until there is healing - but even as I'm typing this, I'm struggling to imagine how I can forgive for my part, what has been done. I mean I won't kill anyone but like, this is where we've come to and I'm really struggling to see the way back. Amess sounds like an entirely innocent victim in this, same as Cox was, but the political entities are literally creating the circums
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